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  1. Probably not going to get over there until 2 or 3. How is the GA queue looking so far?
  2. Any chance they might do wristbands early and then come back at a later time in respective corrals?
  3. Any idea how GA will work for the Seattle show? Will we have to wait in line all day or will we get numbered in the morning and come back in the closer to the show time in the queue? I have seen both depending on the venue.
  4. No issues. Was able to get into TM and enter my code and got 2 GA
  5. How was the line for Saturday?
  6. Check on the website flashseats.com. I beleive they are the vendor that are controlling the ticketing at Pepsi Center. Since some GA tickets pop up for a little over face value. You can also place bids on them as well.
  7. Thanks for the catch. Not sure what I was looking at. Reposted. Any leads on any GA? Or news of a GA drop?
  8. Direct message if you have available.
  9. Just moved to the area and missed out on the presale. Its my understanding that they allow transfer for tickets. DM me if you have tickets available.
  10. Does anyone know if they are scanning credit cards early before the dates open to avoid a bottleneck?
  11. Just moved to the area and wanted to see if any fan needed a home for (2) GA seats. Didn't have an opportunity to jump on the presale.
  12. Are these still available?
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