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  1. It's really a dumb design. A gimmick. When they broke it out last time, I'd hoped to never see it again.
  2. No GA's for the first time since becoming a fan club member. Wasted my code on limited view seats (no way am I paying over 300-bucks for what really amount to regular seats). Thing is, those of us who took what we could get on this sale are out in the cold when the additional dates are announced. Being a real fan just isn't worth it. I'll step aside and let the rich folks who have U2 on their concert bucket list take over.
  3. Exactly. No way are all the GA's gone. The last three tours I've had zero problem securing GA tix as a Fan Club member and that included indoor arenas in major cities. If they're not gone, who are they being set aside for? Are we not Fan enough anymore? My only option this time around were rip-off VIP packages (sorry U2, I've seen ya on every tour since the Joshua Tree but I'm not paying over 300 bucks for a regular seat), limited view, and back upper deck. What the...? I ended up snagging a pair of limited view tix, but I don't feel good about it. This will likely be my last U2 show.
  4. Hopefully it won't follow the same scenario as last nights. You're in! You're out! Code! No Code! Has anybody in the know (mods?) clarified this whole "lottery" thing? While this may apply to the GENERAL On-sale date, I didn't think it applied to Fan club members. I thought (and this is how it always was in the past) All Fan Club members got access to a code (with Experience folks getting first dibs the day before) which gave you a chance to purchase a ticket.
  5. I didn't. Earlier on this thread it was said that that they are supposed to go out tonight.
  6. Ho many tickets can Fan Club members purchase? Last tour it was 4.
  7. 2 GA for Boston - first night - right at Noon. Took 2-minutes at the most. I think having fast internet speeds helps as I always seem to do well with this sort of thing. Upgrade that internet peeps. It helps.
  8. Wow, MSG actually issues hard copy tix for GA? A scalpers dream indeed. Not good. I don't mind the credit card entry deal at all, because I actually use the tickets I buy and if, for some reason, I can't go the show the money lost isn't really going to make up for it anyway so...
  9. It's a legit gripe. That said, U2 isn't alone. When I saw the price for Stones, Who and Fleetwood Mac tix I had to laugh - insane! When you have bands that cross multiple generations they can get more cash for tix than ever before. It's a simply a larger pool of paying (and wealthier) fans. Ahh, for the good 'ol days when tix cost 10-bucks.
  10. You'll be fine - the stage is unconventional and amps are hung from the ceiling...
  11. The stage is a rectangle across the whole floor. That's a pretty big "front row". I don't see any need to line up early for it.
  12. FWIW - Picked up 2 GA for the Boston Friday show at noon today. So, there were some available today.
  13. Big exhale... Picked up a pair of GA for Boston today - smooth as butter. Got on at Noon and it took about a minute. Whatever the problems there were yesterday, I didn't experience them at all today.
  14. If that's all that's left then I pass. I've seen 'em before and I doubt they'll ever be better than they were in 87 and 91...
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