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  1. Hey all. Over the past few days I've been listening to some of the band's DVD gigs, and love the songs they choose to blend into "Streets." From Mexico City, Please into Streets was awesome. Slane Castle, with All I Want is You into Streets, is even better in my mind (probably because they are 2 of my favorite songs). But my favorite at the moment (depending on what they do on 360) is fromElevation in Boston. Going from Bad to 40 to Streets, with the snippet of Psalm 116. I was blown away by the power of the Spirit I felt from the DVD, letalone what it would have been like being there. So the question is, what are some of your favorite live transitions either into our out of 'Streets'? Oh, and did anyone else feel like the song didn't flow in the Vertigo sets? I've watched the DVD from Chicago and listened to a few bootlegs from othershows, and to me it didn't feel like it fit. Thoughts?
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