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  1. Selling 1 GA ticket for San Diego show (9/22) at face value. Tickets require credit card for entry, so would need to meet before show.
  2. MichielovesU2, I have 1 extra GA ticket for San Diego show I need to sell (face value $85). Ticket requires credit card entry. I am driving down to SD on Friday and not sure about arrival time. Let me know if you're interested. Rich
  3. Nickledough, I have 1 GA ticket for for sale for San Diego (9/22) that I am selling at face value ($85). Ticket requires credit card entry, so we will have to meet before show. Let me know.



  4. Picture was taken while traveling with ASSK on vacation. Again people asked me about the mask and I was able to spread the word about Aung San Suu Kyi.
  5. Picture was taken in Williams, Arizona while traveling with ASSK on vacation.
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