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  1. I have an extra GA ticket to sale, but not arriving until after the doors open, probably about 6:30. PM if you know someone who needs it. Have a fab time at the show everyone!
  2. I'm 46 and my first show was Hampton, VA on the Unforgettable Fire Tour. I've seen them in 17 cities, 3 different countries, and adding 3 new cities to the list this go round: Seattle, Miami and Boston. I have to go back and look, but have probably seen them around 30-40 times. Can't wait for this tour; such a familiar experience, it's like going to a family reunion!
  3. Did you find a GA ticket? If not, PM me. I was 14 when I attended my first U2 show (Unforgettable Fire), and I might be able to help! - Amy K
  4. I don't think you can swap, as the original credit card is needed in Seattle to get in the door.
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