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  1. Oh boy...I'm still so pissed off and on a roll that I'll share my story. I had an Experience code, so I did my presale on Thursday. I was trying for a GA to Chicago 1. I was having issues with ticketmaster.com, so a friend suggested using the Mobile App. Anyway, that worked, the GA ticket went through (I thought). But, I never received an email confirmation, although I could see a confirmation number. But....the ticket never showed up in the "my ticket" area of the TM app. I didn't think much of it until I purchased a GA ticket for LA a few hours later. It went to a final screen, then I got an immediate email confirmation. So, I started to freak out, and immediately tried for another GA to Chicago, since the first one didn't work. I got one, got the email confirmation, and the ticket showed in app. So, all good, right?!? But wait...not good! I got an email from TM on Sunday saying I had violated the ticket limit and my ticket would be cancelled. Of course there is no way to speak to a human at Ticketmaster. The customer service number has had a busy signal for the past five days. So, I sent a frantic email to them to please help me and call me. I received an email from TM today, saying I still had the GA to Chicago 1. I thought they were referring to the ticket I had the confirmation email on and was showing in my app. Just for the hell of it, I clicked on that ticket in the app - and it said it was voided!!! OMG. Anyway, I just got off the phone with the United Center in Chicago, and they assured me the the initial transaction did go through, and that the ticket shows in the system. But, I never received a confirmation on that ticket, so the person I spoke to said as long as they swipe my credit card at the entry, I'll be fine. That's a pretty major leap of faith on my part. I told the guy I talked to that if he was giving me crap information I was gonna hunt him down!!! So. Much. Stress. Fingers crossed!! Suzanne
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