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  1. I love how the album flows and it has some great songs. My personal favorites are TLTTGYA, Red Flag Day and Summer of Love. I really think that The Blackout will sound great live. 13 (There Is A Light) gives me goosebumps every time I hear it and it is great improvement from Song For Someone.
  2. I'm 31 years old, been to 9 concerts and 1 "festival" performance. Will be going to my 10 and 11 concerts in May to LA. 360 Tour 10/14/2009 - Houston, TX 05/14/2011 - Mexico City, Mexico 06/17/2011 - Anaheim, CA IE Tour 05/22/2015 - Phoenix, AZ 05/23/2015 - Phoenix, AZ 06/06/2015 - Denver, CO 06/07/2015 - Denver, CO 11/27/2015 - Dublin, Ireland 11/28/2015 - Dublin, Ireland iHeart Music Fest 2016 09/23/2016 - Las Vegas, NV Joshua Tree Tour 2017 05/20/2017 - Pasadena, CA 05/21/2017 - Pasadena, CA
  3. Esta raro, los moderadores son los que pueden ayudarte a investigar, mandale un mensaje privado a bigwave o a Max Tsukino. Mods any advise for him?
  4. i must have missed that number, do you have a l Yeah, I read it on the rules also, 50 pairs of tickets.
  5. Yeah, I'm not from CA but I am visiting a friend in LA all this week and also entered hoping to win. Just found out about a winner,Tim Neufeld. He is a writer at atu2.com. https://twitter.com/timneufeld/status/782654535672090624
  6. I'm also dying to know who won. If there were 50 winners, all paid subscribers, there should be at least someone commenting here or other forums/social media, but everything is quiet. Any info mods? Max Tsukino? Big Wave?
  7. I will be going, representing Texas and Mexico. Got GA for the 27th just 2 minutes after they were available. Then had to be very patient and after 40 min or so I got GA for the 28th. Super excited!!!
  8. Got one for sunday 6/7, still need one for 6/6 saturday. Thanks.
  9. Hi U2 fans, I am looking to buy one GA for each night. Please let me know if anyone has some available. Thank You
  10. Got GA tickets for Phoenix May 22. Super smooth transaction with the Ticketmaster mobile app.
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