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  1. Sounds of the Universe-Depeche Mode Explosions in the sky- your hand in mine u2- street missions
  2. well, first off u2 IS THE BEST band ever, but honestly i dont think their songs will adapt to a guitar hero game, b/c the guitar riffs in U2 songs aro notthat complicated per se, i'm not saying they're bad or anything is just that they will be easy to do, as compared to some metallica songs, which are apain in the a**, specially with those tricky solos, i wouldnt find a U2 song hard to play. maybe they can make a videogame with the SING IT videogame that isjust like a kareoke. its just my opinion.
  3. as far as i know when the movie came out last year i hear that they will not comercially sell this movie, most of the earned money in the box office wasdonated to some charity organizations or some of the groups that Bono supports.
  4. this really sucks man, i wasn't even planning to go this year, but then they threw U2 in there at the last minute, this is next week, unfortunately i havework next weekend and i'm gonna miss the opportunity to be there, i will have to wait till october.
  5. U2 Metallica Pink Floyd Sigur Ros Coldplay The Rolling Stones Rammstein Heroes del Silencio(Spain) Explosions in the sky (check this guys out!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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