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  1. It is 11:41pm CA time and I just bought 4 GA tix! Get them while you can -- good luck!
  2. Hi, I have 3 GA tickets available, at face value. You must be able to meet me in the GA line by 3:30pm for one of them; the other 2 are on a separate cc. Best to text or call me. Frank [MOD EDIT: NO PERSONAL INFO PLEASE. USE PRIVATE MESSAGE FEATURE.]
  3. Hi, I have 2 extra GA tickets on my credit card for sale at face value. I will be in the GA line and you will need to walk in with me for the cc swipe, so you will have to be at the venue by 3:30pm or so to do so. Enjoy another amazing show by the Larry Mullin Jr. band! Frank
  4. Trade Completed -- Thanks!
  5. It looks like U2.com took this thread out of NY and placed us somewhere else (I cannot locate, so I search on my "content" to get here)... To Vertigojds: Thanks for your thorough comments and information. I learned alot and it is helpful. In the off chance I gain access to someone to fix the ticketing problems, I would like to not miss any of the issues you've seen. You mention many in your email, so please tell me any more problems with the ticketing process. I don't hate the way U2 is running their business, I just want some improvements and have no confidence -- because of the
  6. To JeffWalsh -- thanks for confirming the TM resale commission structure. More reason why TM is so EVIL -- the company selling tickets should not also be allowed to offer resale tix to the same events (talk about conflict of interest! Does anybody believe TM can manage this ability to not let new sales and reasles bleed over into each other with the highest ethics and practices?). To Mia10010, first, thanks for your response. And congrats for being a Propaganda member fan. I, too, am a long time fan of U2 (first saw them in the early 80s in the SF Bay Area), but I have to disagree with
  7. @U2TUF, I agree with your hatred of Tickemaster. But this is even worse than you think (but more on this in a moment). First to respond to Mia10010: If you don't want access to pre-sale tix, then don't join the fan club. The access to pre-sale tix is for FANS -- used to be the folks who were members of the old fan club, Propaganda, and now for people who subscribe to U2.com -- if you don't want the benefits of joining the fan club, then don't join AND then do not complain when you don't have a shot at getting pre-sale tix to U2 shows. I have precious little patience for people who compl
  8. I have 2 extra GAs for tonight in Montreal. MOD EDIT). I can meet you in the GA line. please do not use phone/email. Use the private message section. ,thanks
  9. EmilieB, Having seen both shows in San Jose from GA tix, I do want to make a correction to my initial response to you. In San Jose, there WAS a (my estimate) 10'x20' screen perpendicular to the BIg Screen on both sides to offer what I presume to be is a view of what everybody else is seeing on the BIg Screen. I do not recall this to be the case in Vancouver (although I'm willing to be proven wrong on this count); for VAN1, while waiting in prime GA space for the band to come onstage, I distinctly recall seeing only a very small screen on the plane perpendicular to the BIg Screen (which I
  10. U2Freak96, If it truly came from TM, it is probably a real ticket. There were real hard tickets via the scalpers in Vancouver on night 2 (I personally observed over 150 -- don't ask me for details as I am still fuming about this and I don't want to create an online ruckus...). I suggest you call TM to confirm they mailed you real hard tickets. And then feel lucky you have them. Enjoy the amazing show -- you will be dazzled!!! Discman
  11. EmilieB, Try to trade your seats if you can (or sell and buy new ones). Seriously. The folks with no sight lines to the big screen are truly in a "limited view" situation. The sounds is great everywhere, but you'll miss the big screen visuals outside of seeing the band on stage. This is a big deal as I saw them from GA the first night and from excellent (though expensive -- tickets were tight and the second night had no TM late release of tickets... even scalpers were getting $400 for GA tix at 7:30pm!) seats the second night. And I have to admit I only "got" 80% of the show from GA o
  12. Hi, I am looking for 1 VAN2 GA ticket. I have other GAs for trade, including DEN, CHI & LA. Let me know if you have an extra VAN2 GA to trade. I prefer to be in the GA line early. mod edit : please use PM feature, email removed Thanks, Frank
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