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  1. Is there anywhere that details the extras in the $75 package? The bullet list is vague and I don't want to choose that if it's full of things I already have from previous offers. As for DVD's, I have a ton of U2 DVD's from over there years and I own a DVD player primarily so I can watch them, so it doesn't bother me. The boys have always been technologically forward-facing, so the idea that they are just producing some old technology (vinyl is way more worthless to me than a DVD, personally) to be cheap and uncaring would be a departure from the band. This could be the only physical format for this show, outside of some kind of special collector's edition with a candle that smells like Mr Macphisto's hat sweat. Even if they release it on all formats, fans pay premiums for early access and bonus content all the time. I mostly buy special editions and such for the photographs, books, and artwork more than the shows.
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