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  1. I sent my details to you also, Julie! Got my cards all ready to send.
  2. I was wondering, has the U2 fan Christmas card list has come out yet?
  3. HI, I am Katie Lovering. For years I sent out Christmas cards to fellow U2 fans and wish to do so again. I am glad it still exists, I love sending Christmas cards.
  4. I'm pretty sure I contacted you the first time you posted it. I love doing this!
  5. Good for you, Emily, Bono is so sweet. I know, because when I met him behind Wembley Arena in 1993, I asked him for a hug and he kissed me on the cheek! My dream is to dance with him one day, but guess I'm getting too old for that, lmao.
  6. I believe it will be a rip-off too since real U2 fans cannot get it unless they pay that overinflated price on Ebay, sadly some will get it. And us real fans won't We in Kentucky and Tennessee are locked out of sales in small record stores, since the stores they listed in our area, are now closed.
  7. Wow, I remember Carter Alan, listened to his station all the time and lived a block from it when U2 came to Boston/Foxboro/Worcester in 1992. Saw them 4 of the 5 times they played. And met them all too Have met Carter a few times as well, back then. Cool that he is here.
  8. It's been beautiful in Southern Kentucky and Nashville. But we have thunderstorms building almost every afternoon/evening for the next 10 days I'll be bringing lots of rain gear to the CMA Music Fest next week. That will cause a lot of the outside concerts to be stopped, darn it. That happened one night the first time I went to it. Was no fun. Last year at Nashville's 4th of July, rain moved in just before the fireworks. They still did the fireworks, I had never seen fireworks in a thunderstorm. Was weird, lol. We only watched for about 10 minutes, then got out of there. My feet were soaked by the time caught a cab to go to my hotel. And lost my cell phone. But, I will still go this year, Trace Adkins is the headliner for the 4th of July. Free, would not miss that for anything.
  9. Darn, I wish they would have one in Nashville, TN. Me and my friend, Sheila would be there for sure.
  10. will have to check. I got 4 more bags, they were only $3.00 each, each monthly payday will get more. So will go to the post office and check, Just email your address to me at ktlovesu244@yahoo.com, so can give them exact info. Will be glad to do this. I added pics of them in my pics on this site if you want to see them. And the email above is my Paypal email. Katie
  11. No one likes U2 in my town in Kentucky like I do, so if anyone wants a Bono bag, let me know, I'll go check Walmart in my town to see if they have any left, (I suspect they do, there were 5 there when I got mine). I'll check the board this afternoon, I'll just buy all the bags. Can always take them to the U2 concerts for fans that missed out if no one here wants one.
  12. Bono Bags, left mine alone one night and in the morning they multiplied!
  13. Bono Bags, left mine alone one night and in the morning they multiplied!
  14. 80's music (with a lot of U2 in there).
  15. Get well soon, Bono, my prayers are with you.
  16. Thanks, posted this in 2 places. And left scathing comments for CBS. (Something I am familiar with, having yelled at them for canceling Moonlight and Jericho. )
  17. I do not think there is an HMV store in my area, not even in Nashville. Will check online, just got my Bono bag and War nightshirt at Walmart, what perfect things to go with them
  18. I wonder, is this at all Walmarts? Bet I could find one in my town, since it is a small rural Walmart, with very few U2 fans.
  19. Ok, here goes: Denver, June 12th, 2010: 33 days Chicago, July 6th, 2010: 57 days Philadelphia: July 12th, 2010: 63 days Orlando vacation, from Oct 2nd to Oct 9, 2010 (Wizarding World of Harry Potter, here I come) 138 days Halloween in Las Vegas: Oct 29th to Nov 1, 2010. Was there last year for U2, and loved seeing the Fremont Street Experience all done up for Halloween, want to be there for it this time. 166 days. December 7, 2010: My birthday: 211 days (53rd) (am a kid at heart, lol) Denver Indian Market: January 21st to 24th, 2011: 256 days, to see friends from CO too. Territory Days, Colorado Springs, CO (an annual trip for me, when U2 is not touring) May 21 to 24, 2011: 375 days My dream trip to Dublin, Sept 10th, 2011 481 days (does not seem so long, counting for that this way.) Have a cruise planned in 2012, more info to follow, just working on my bucket list. My excuse for all this travel Time is flying by! Katie
  20. Sigh, May 14th, no more box set. Wish it was August,, all my money now is being saved to see the guys in Denver, Chicago and Philly. Guess I'll miss out.
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