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  1. They could easily charge 200 percent of the current prices and sell out easily but I do agree the prices are mental. Just use common sense, not everything is about money. Care about rich and poor people but no advantages for the middle class. Remember you are sitting in a plastic seat or standing a few hours. The concerts are a blessing don't get me wrong.
  2. Hi there, maybe someone can help me out.... For an interview for a Dutch website I am looking for the name of the Italian women with the Zoo TV devil ears, appearing in Mysterious Ways in the HBO special of the shows in Paris. Thanks in advance! greets Tuur
  3. Are the Köln-tickets in the standing area sold out for on 17th of October? Anyone?! https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B4FkFiMCYAAofNl.png:large
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