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  1. Looking at a photo of the seating area, specifically this photo: Is the taped-off rectangle inside the Red Zone or is that outside? I can't really tell where the entrance is.
  2. Really? I bought RZ for the first DC show and I don't have any pdf or physical ticket to enter any Red Zone only entrance. Is this only happening at certain venues? We had Red Zone for the DC Joshua Tree show and that ticket order looks identical to this one on Ticketmaster -- Tickets will be held at will call and nothing to print or download.
  3. Looking at the seating charts and stage diagrams, RZ2 is Edge and RZ1 would be Adam. Not taking into account the two of them moving around during the show, but those are the sides they'd start on.
  4. It arrived this morning. Here it is if anyone needs it: Hello from U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017! We hope that you’re as excited as we are about U2’s WASHINGTON D.C. visit and gearing up for this special The Joshua Tree’s 30th anniversary concert experience. ATTENTION: Please refer to the following information regarding the collection process for your (RED) ticket(s) purchase. This package is NON-TRANSFERABLE. Please bring PHOTO ID matching the ATTENDEE or PURCHASE NAME on your order. All members of your party must be present when you collect your tickets. Your (
  5. It seems the other shows received their e-mail more than a week prior but I've still not received mine for the show next Tuesday. If someone's received it, can they copy/paste the details here so I know where to go to get my tickets? Thanks!
  6. Trying to compile the questions I've seen in various locations that I've been wanting answers to myself: How many people would you guess was in the Red Zone? Room to move around if you wanted? Is there any kind of bathroom closer to the floor for ticket holders in GA and Red Zone or did you have to trek up to the main level? What about the cash bar that's been mentioned. Does that stay open for most of the show or does it close as soon as U2 takes the stage? Thanks.
  7. Grabbed four Red Zone tickets for D.C. for my wife and I and our friends. Could not have been a smoother process.
  8. The e-mail I received from Ticketmaster explicitly lists video cameras as prohibited and doesn't mention still cameras. I'm going with Ticketmaster's announcement.
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