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  1. Mods, sorry if this is in the wrong place - if so, please feel free to move and apologies in advance! Over two weeks ago I placed an order for merch and it hasn't been package yet let alone shipped out. I've emailed Live Nation twice and have received no response which is a bummer (need it for gifts on 12/06). Anyone else having this issue? I'd be less concerned if Live Nation responded at least but they aren't. thanks!
  2. I love the channel but I do wish that Bono and Edge would've recorded more of their interviews and got them in the can before the channel launched (and they jetted off to the south of France and Greece, haha!). I enjoy Elevation, interesting guests so far.
  3. Stopped through SLC to take photos of The Claw at the Aquarium. Took this from the parking lot as they were closing for the day. Thought I’d share.
  4. Mine is airing now and On Demand! It went live last week.
  5. I submitted my songs on the day the channel premiered (June 30th?) and got the email on July 6th from the Sirius contact.
  6. One of the Rose Bowl nights (TJT Anniversary tour) Shine Like Stars lyrics were passed around to everyone on the floor - right now I can't remember if they actually did it or not.
  7. If there is a real reason I don't know - I always thought it felt like heat/desert/Joshua Tree.
  8. Really, Silver and Gold, Desire, Angel of Harlem etc. - could've made TJT a great double album.
  9. There are a lot of bolo ties on the guys… #Fashion I love this version of Exit.
  10. I will say when I saw RandH in the theater, Dublin seemed a world away and I never thought I would actually get to go there and stand outside Windmill Lane.
  11. I stood on those docks when I went to Dubs. I reenacted the October cover shoot… while standing in tons of seagull crap.
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