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  1. Bring it! Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll be racing in from the office to the Forum. So far I’ve seen 3 of 6 e+i shows and I’m so happy to actually see the boys without having to get on a plane first!
  2. I don’t like it when we lose songs (especially Red Flag Day which I’ve not seen live yet!) but it was a great show. Our seats were fantastic and the kiddo had a good time. Now sleep.
  3. I’m actually looking forward to seeing the boys (and this screen) from seats tonight. I hope they keep Gloria and Red Flag Day in the set, we didn’t get them in Tulsa & St. Louis.
  4. Flew in this AM, already by the pool with a cocktail. Can’t wait for tonight - let the Mother’s Day weekend festivities begin!
  5. Im headed to night 2 after all even though Vegas wasn’t originally on the cards for me on this tour. Doing the unthinkable and sitting in seats because my kiddo wants to see the boys and standing for that long won’t work. So I guess - Vegas here we come for Mother’s Day.
  6. OF COURSE no Gloria in Tulsa and St Louis ❤️ ? Hope to hear it at one of the two LA shows!
  7. Ok now I don’t feel bad about not getting this shirt in Tulsa - when I didn’t see one in St Louis, I thought for a moment that they only made this tee for opening night and I (stupidly) passed on buying one after the show.
  8. Anyone Periscoping the two San Jose shows? Leave your handle here and which night you're attending if so!
  9. Typically there has been a check-in sign/flag placed for Red Zone ticket holders so it's easy to spot. In Tulsa, it was right next to the GA entrance. In St. Louis it was close as well.
  10. Was at both shows, no one was pulled up at either.
  11. Some of my fav Bono lyrics, one of the reasons why I love Crumbs so much...
  12. I second CRUMBS!! My fav song on HTDAAB
  13. Well, I have night 2 GAs, I’m sure at some stage I’ll secure night 1 GAs. Can’t wait to come back to Manchester!!
  14. I was bummed I never was chosen to be in the circle or the heart during Elevation and Vertigo tours - I like the freedom of the current GA system in that there’s no system. Without waiting in lines I managed: I+e tour I was five deep from rail all shows at most JT anniversary shows I was on the far left rail next to Red Zone (Edge side) - at one of the Rose Bowl shows some guy in red zone with extra wristbands walked up and gave them to us so we were lucky enough to spend most of that show in RZ e+i shows so far in both Tulsa and St Louis - we got in line at 6 and were 1
  15. The tour so far has been incredible and SOE is definitely in my top favourite U2 albums of all time, too. It’s really grown on me as a whole. There are only a couple songs that I can take or leave, it’s a strong album.
  16. Lost three, gained one, show still had some early tour bugs. Acrobat was great tonight but still needs tightening - I hope they keep with it and don’t drop it, it’s so great live. Had a wonderful spot at the e stage (1 person from rail) and was cool to be there compared with our rail spot mid screen in Tulsa. The rail is great but makes seeing the visuals hard. I loved seeing these two shows but I’m looking forward to flying home and sleeping in my own bed. Until Los Angeles x2 (unless I end up at Vegas night 2...). Keeping my fingers crossed for some Red Flag Day action.
  17. I’m at Maggie O Brien’s pre-gaming - they’re supporting our boys with an all U2 playlist. Going to wander over at 6 for doors and will be happy with wherever I land on the floor. If you see me with my THE LARRY MULLEN BAND shirt on tonight give a wave (wore the same in Tulsa) Have a good show tonight all!
  18. I’m so stoked I saw them play A Sort Of Homecoming LA JT night 1 because I didn’t see it again and I saw the JT anniversary tour three more times. Agreed that im hoping some of these songs they pulled out last night don’t get dropped. The set mostly really ties together theme-wise so there are only a few songs that could be swapped out realistically.
  19. The other thing about ie tour vs this set and overlap - ie hit like, 10 cities in the US. Apart from us hardcores, this show is new to a lot of people.
  20. Thanks everyone. I’m still in Tulsa recovering from last nights show but flying in early tomorrow AM. If there is an official/unofficial U2 pre or post party please post that here, too.
  21. The set list was fantastic and as someone who’s seen them since the Joshua Tree tour, I welcomed giving the set more breathing room, on the heels of the anniversary tour, by not including any JT songs. There were some warm up/first night slips here and there but it was a fantastic show and I really like the set list a lot. If I had my choice they’d ditch One and Vertigo, too. Id like to hear a full band YTBTAM vs acoustic. I loved The Ocean and of course, Acrobat. I also loved the HMTMKMKM remix and the video that accompanied it. Great show, great tour. Seeing it five m
  22. Where is everyone ending up for dinner before the show tonight and/or after party post show? I have GA but not playing the line number game.
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