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  1. i own all of: The Beatles U2 Radiohead Oasis Coldplay been thinking about getting all of The Cure, Led Zeppelin, 70s era Bowie and the classic era (67-72) Rolling Stones. how you about you?
  2. instead of my top 5, my top 3 in no particular order are: The Beatles/solo David Bowie U2
  3. The Beatles U2 Oasis Radiohead Coldplay Smashing Pumpkins which rock bands/artists do you own all of their albums?
  4. The Beatles/solo Beatles The Who David Bowie Queen Genesis/Peter Gabriel/Phil Collins The Police U2 Oasis Radiohead Coldplay who are yers?
  5. The Beatles The Who David Bowie The Cure U2 REM Smashing Pumpkins Radiohead Oasis who are yers?
  6. Who are yer top 5 rock music artists?
  7. I consider myself an Anglophile. My record collection pretty much consists of British Rock artists (Beatles, the Who, Bowie, Cure, U2, Oasis, Radiohead, etc...). I know U2 is Irish, but they're close enough. I have the occasional American acts such as REM, Pumpkins, Talking Heads, Cars, which I love as well. I greatly enjoy watching British television and films I was wondering if there are any other Anglophiles on this board. Who are yer favourite British artists, and what American acts do you have in your collection?
  8. which artists do you own all of their albums? and who do you wish you owned or are planning in getting all of their records? I own all of the following: The Beatles U2 Oasis Radiohead Coldplay Smashing Pumpkins wish: The Who John Lennon Wings David Bowie The Police REM The Cure The Cranberries Blur
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