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  1. After being shut out in the Experience Presale for the Vegas show, I decided to register for the Citi Presale. I have a Sears MasterCard that is serviced by Citigroup, but wasn't sure it was considered to be a Citi credit card. I found an entry in the Citibank Facebook page that said Sears cards can be used for the U2 presale so I crossed my fingers that it would work. I got my code this morning and then preregistered at the T-Mobile arena since there were posts on Tuesday that said they lost their tickets due to the time it took to register with T-Mobile. It took multiple refreshes before 2 G
  2. Was in the waiting room at 10:00, but no GA available when given the opportunity to buy tickets. It is interesting that ticket brokers already have hundreds of GA tickets posted for purchase at prices of over $350 each.
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