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  1. Friday, Sept 25 , 1987. JFK Stadium, Philadelphia. 17 years old. 1st U2 show. Incredible. As opening drums of Bullet start a huge plane flies low over stadium (airport close by) and everyone points their fingers skyward like a scene from close encounters. Bono, says" would anyone like to play me guitar? Would Bruce Springsteen like to play my guitar?" Place erupts as Bruce comes out and they sing Stand By Me. Haven't missed a tour since and I'll be on the rail in GA in Philly 30 years later, but with my family in tow and a close friend who as there with me in 87'. Can't wait!!
  2. Sorry to hear. I got in today (I also let my sub expire and re joined day tour announced) at 9:00 am using the TM App with no issue and got 4 GAs for the Philly show (30 years after I first saw them there!). My friend couldn't get 4 right away but got 2 GAs then 5 minutes later got 2 more. I was able to pull some up around 4 pm through the website as well. Maybe Rose Bowl was different and had less tix? I find the app is way better than a PC.
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