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  1. I'll have to be honest, I've been with the guys since Boy but when I first heard the first group of songs released I thought that if this was coming from just about any other band it would be really good but coming from U2 it seemed like they were trying to get back on the I Heart radio show which isn't exactly filled with the deepest of artists. Now after hearing all of SOE track by track I'm really getting more and more pumped up about it and praying I get a chance to hear these songs live. Not sure if it just took time to warm up to(like a number of my favorite albums) or if it put's them more in context. Either way is fine with me.
  2. I'm holding out hope (once again) that San Antonio or at least Austin will be on the list this time seeing as how they have added shows in smaller markets that they haven't played in a long time such as Tulsa. They've played here twice, October and Pop, and both were very well attended so I'm not sure why we keep getting skipped tour after tour.
  3. Last week I ordered two t-shirts from the shop using my 25% discount. I opted for the 2 day shipping because I want my wife and I to be able to wear them to the Dallas show this coming Friday. So far I've not heard anything from them as far as a shipping date, if it's back ordered or anything. I've e-mailed them but have not received any answer. I'm going to try and call them in the morning but when I did call them last week to check on the shipping times it sounded as if the rep was reading off a script. Has anyone else experienced problems when ordering ? Any suggestions ?
  4. I'm 58. 8 shows for me. October, War. Unforgettable Fire, Joshua Tree(twice), Pop Mart, Elevation and 360. # 9 coming next month, can't wait !
  5. Thanks. One person at least. Loved them. Her solo albums have some great stuff too. Springsteen used a few of them when he toured behind Lucky Town/Human Touch. Nope, not the only one. Loved them. Huuuge crush on Maria. Also saw them open for Tom Petty.
  6. While looking on Goggle maps plotting my drive to Arlington I noticed on the secondary route that it would take me thru the towns of Joshua, Bono and near Dublin Texas. It truly is a sign.
  7. How do you go about getting a commemorative ticket ?
  8. A few tense moments but was able to get in fairly quickly. Got two in Sec.222 at the $70 level.
  9. What time did you arrive and how long was the line. We'll be driving up from San Antonio and my wife is not very tall. Not sure whether to line up as early as possible to try and get as close to the rail as possible or just relax and show up and hang towards the back.
  10. Any info for the Arlington show as far as ticket price break down for the different sections ? Checked TM but you have to enter your code to get that info. Thanks .
  11. I'm from SA too. We're headed for Vegas, though I wouldn't mind hitting Dallas too to check out the new stadium. If rumors are true(oh please letthem be) the band will be announcing a second US leg around September to begin sometime in 2010 and shows them playing the Alamodome.
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