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  1. I'd be interested in 2 of your tickets depending on location. Could you give me more info on where they are? Thanks.
  2. Could you share with me any ways people have figured how to sell their credit card entry tickets? Thanks. Diane
  3. Hello Big Wave Your post from January:: "we gonna set up a fan trade section after the presales here... still working out the details to see best ways" Have you done this? I have two credit card entry tickets for Chicago on Saturday, June 3 that I need to sell because I cannot go. Would like to know how to sell at face value. Thank you Diane
  4. Hello hello! I'm looking for exactly this swap...I have two tickets for Saturday night but I need two tickets for Sunday night instead. Mine are in section 138, row 10, seats 2&3. Where are your Sunday night seats? Also I bought mine through the pre-sale so are we able to swap because I have no tickets...my credit card is my ticket. Are those the kind of tickets you have too? Thanks, Diane
  5. I currently have a buyer for these two red zone one tickets that I will meet the day of show to make the swap. If anything changes with our arrangements and the tickets become available I will repost here Thank you for your inquiry
  6. I have 2 RZ1 (Adam's side of stage) that I can no longer use. They are for the Chicago show on June 24th. I snagged them in the pre-sale for a total of $706.50 for both. I'm not looking to make any money on these tickets. I just want to get them into the hands of a true fan, like me. I did RedZone three times for 360 tour...Twice in Chicago and once in Nashville at the Vandy stadium. It is an unbelievably awesome U2 concert experience. You wait a bit in line with your tickets the day of the show, if you want to be right up front right against the stage. But you're not waiting as long as the GA crowd is. You get your own dedicated bathrooms, beverage/food and concert souvenir stands too. Message me if interested. Diane
  7. I sold a spare Red Zone ticket for one of the chicago 360 shows. No one ever even asked for my credit card, just my ID. They gave me a hard ticket and I met my buyer at the venue where she paid me cash and I gave her her ticket. If the red zone ticket pick up is still the same as 360 it is definitely do-able.
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