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  1. Many thanks to Bigwave & Max for working tirelessly to rectify the situation. xx
  2. If it doesn't get fixed, then all the presale groups should be pushed back by a day so Red Hill gets first shot. That's only fair.
  3. Hi Bigwave,


    Trying to get my tickets for San Diego and cannot get any GAs.  I've only used my Red Hill code for 2 tickets @ Rose Bowl, so I don't know what is going on.  Please help!  I've tried via Safari, Firefox & on the TM app.

  4. Same for me for San Diego. Tried both on my computer and via TM app. This same crap happened to me when I went to get Rose Bowl tickets. This is BS!
  5. I bought 2 RZ for Nt. 2 @ the Rose Bowl as soon as sales started this AM. Bought them via the Ticketmaster app. I would assume all the RZ are available immediately and when they are gone, they are gone, as I tried to get 2 for Nt. 1 @ the Rose Bowl last week during the Redhill presale as soon as it started and I was shut out. HTHs!
  6. Redhill presale member here. Tried for RZ for the Rose Bowl during the presale and no luck. If it truly is true that anyone could buy RZ and VIP package tickets starting back on the Redhill presale day, that's complete and utter BS! Ended up with 2 GA for Nt. 1 @ the Rose Bowl and hoping I'll be able to get 2 RZ tickets for Night 2.
  7. Took this picture of Bono @ U2 360 Pittsburg 7-26-11.
  8. I'll be @ both Anaheim shows, Montreal 2 and Minneapolis. Can y'all add me to the list please? Thanks!
  9. The hubs booked our Anaheim & Montreal hotels this afternoon! WOOT! Can.Not.Wait. All the lads looked fantastic in the video too!
  10. [quote name='xtraspicy62 wrote: collectoraholic wrote: surrenders']I wonder what section of Walmart they're in cause I looked all over my Walmart for the bag and nighshirt and couldn't find them Creative Bono bagging ladies You said 'Bono bagging'! *snickers* yep! bono is bagging us up! or are we bagging him? woo hoo! its in the bag collectoraholic!!! zowie! No matter who is baggin' whom, just so long as some baggin' is goin' on.
  11. You said 'Bono bagging'! *snickers*
  12. 12367- Gutted about the postponement, but so glad that Bono is taking this seriously and will have the proper time to heal and have a full recovery. Still going to LA for a mini-vacay. Still going to MN to see my girlfriends. Mtl. is postponed until the concert will play in `11.
  13. 12308: Get Well Soon Bono! We all can wait. Your health comes first. Do not rush anything. Many hugs & kisses! Wishing you good thoughts. <3
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