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  1. Hi Bigwave,


    Trying to get my tickets for San Diego and cannot get any GAs.  I've only used my Red Hill code for 2 tickets @ Rose Bowl, so I don't know what is going on.  Please help!  I've tried via Safari, Firefox & on the TM app.

  2. Took this picture of Bono @ U2 360 Pittsburg 7-26-11.
  3. Happy 50th Bono! Wishing you all the best & many happy returns of the day! Cheers from TX! Can't wait to see you @ Anaheim 1 & 2, Minneapolis & Montreal 2!
  4. Sittin' here drinking a Dr. Pepper while watching my hubs cook biscuits, sausage & gravy for us for lunch. Yum!
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