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  1. It's lovely!! I'm really starting to love it!!
  2. Happy birthday Mr. The Edge!!! The man who came from outer space to give us a great gift: passionate melodies and powerful riff guitars that are able to elevate my soul. My love and admiration for you increase more and more each day. I can't say how much grateful I am with you and with the rest of the band. You are a very important part of life. Thank you so much for your music!!! Keep on the same way! Lots of love from Argentina Carolina
  3. 1- Achtung Baby (I can't think of any other album that can be superior to this one. It makes me shiver anytime I listen to it) Then the list can change from time to time.... 2- All that you can't leave behind (I know it's not musically great, but that simplicity and warmth it has, just make it special) 3- No line on the horizon 4- The Joshua Tree (Here is the best song ever: Where the streets have no name) 5- Pop (on the first listenings I couldn't even imagine that Pop would be one of my favourites. But I'm always discovering something interesting and new on this album)
  4. Bono it’s time for us to give you back a bit of all the love you give us everyday with your music. And it’s time for you to rest. You have friends all around the world who are praying for you. Our souls and hearts are with you at this hard moment. We will wait for you doesn’t matter how long it takes. We need you as bright and energetic as always so take all the time you need for a full recovery. Just take care yourself and don’t worry about anythig else. Loads of love and a big hug from Argentina Carolina The storm will pass it won’t be long. In a little while this hurt no
  5. Get well soon Bono!! Don't worry about anything and just take care yourself. We need you more radiant as ever. We love you and we pray for you. Lots of love from Argentina
  6. Happy birthday to my dearest Bono!!! You have a magnificent day!! Great wishes and I hope to see you soon Lots of love from Argentina
  7. I saw it 5 times. 3 times in Imax and twice in 3D digital. I'm looking forward to see it once again!! You can never get enough of U23D!!
  8. Europe 2010 already announced. North America 2010 dates today have been announced, too. What about South America? I'm tired of reading rumours all the time. First, it was said they would come in October, now it seems Febraury and March. I want something official!!!!!! Pleeeease!! I'm getting desperate and crazy!!! I need to know that I'm going to see my favourtite band. Does anyone know anything about a South American leg??
  9. I don't care. I will do whatever just to be with them... But it will be nice to be Adam's tech
  10. Nooooooooooo, please not again. I'm sick of Best of... They already have 3 best of. Aren't they enough?? I think 3 are more than enough. They don't need to bring out a best of every time they made a new album. Why don't they bring out a live album?? I vote for new stuff. I don't need a new album with the same songs I already have in the albums.
  11. I completely agree with you. Bono's voice is not the same as it was 13 years ago. The joshua tree tour had the best bono's voice performance ever. Thenit began to get worse and worse as his smoking increased. I guess on 2000, when he had that terrible problem with his throat, was the moment when his voicestarted to have real problems. And on the last tour, specially since the second leg, bono's voice definitely got to a very flat sound. Afortunately, on360º tour he has improved but he is still having problems with his voice.
  12. Happy birthday to my favourite guitar player!!! Happy birthday Edge!!! I wish you the best in your day Cheers and I hope to see you soon rocking with the band in Argentina!!
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