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  1. Hello, seeing if any one at the show might have a photo or video of Chicago Night 1, I WILL FOLLOW, and at the end when Larry gets up and gives his sticks to a kid on the rail. The kid was my son Henry, who is not only a fan of Larry and U2, but a drummer too, that has managed to get letters twice now to Larry Mullen. Thank You! roy (email removed - please use PM system, thx, mods)
  2. Sorry, but needing to trade or sell the entire set of GA tickets.
  3. I took my boy to IE tour GA Chicago Nights 3 & 4 and had the greatest experience. We paid our dues waiting in line and everyone was so kind and loving of me and my boy! I'm hoping being outside it's still the same. Yes, my son yelled at Bono to give a letter to Mr. Larry. Yes, we know he go the letter because mid show he stopped and gave my son the sticks he used on the E Stage. Also, Bono sketched on his RS magazine, and Larry waved, smiled at us the several times each night!
  4. In my home town, I met someone who gave me a canceled credit card along with a photo copy of his ID with his driver's number blacked out. I am assuming the seller trust me because I was buying tickets to take my 5 year old son to his first concert that happened to be MUSE!
  5. I need 2 GA's if you still are wanting to get rid of them

    1. Zoellner7


      I wish I could sell separately, but I am needing to either trade or sell the entire gift card with all 5 GA tickets on it. 

  6. The GA is Credit Card Entry. Meaning, at the entry point a Venue Staff will take the credit card used to purchase and swipe on a portable printer. Then you get small thin paper print ticket to have scanned for entry. So this kind fellow would have to Snail Mail his credit card to the would be buyer of said tickets.
  7. I have a 500 US dollar prepaid credit card. It has Three GA 6/3 tickets, Two GA Chicago 6/4 , and a balance of the difference that wasn't spent. Looking to trade total of 5 GA tickets plus cash to make up difference, for a pair of Chicago Red Zone. Either night. I am needing to Trade or sell the entire 500 dollar card with all 5 GA tickets and remaining balance on the card. My boy and I are going back to Chicago!
  8. for my Son on his 8th birthday I surprised him with GA tickets for Chicago for two nights. I think the kicker is how much of a fan is your kid, how patient they are, and how committed to the GA process. My son never whined in line, once in the arena never said he was tired, thirsty or had to go to the bathroom. I know I am biased, but I really think I have the coolest kid in the world! Good luck on getting to a show. here is a youtube of our Chicago adventure.
  9. In Chicago, my self and two other guys here on the formum did a 3 way swap of pairs of tickets. One night i was given a gift card that I swiped and allowed me and my son to enter, the next night I went to the box office and had them print off tickets for the two tickets I was trading, so as we didn't have to enter the same time. Trades do happen and it works out okay!
  10. Hello, My wife and I will be flying to NYC on Monday the 20th. I am looking for 2 GA tickets on Wednesday or Thursday. I have pairs of seats in Sec. 114 row 18, sec 221 row 8, Tuesday night sec. 214 row 7, Wednesday night, or cash to trade for! Thanks, roy
  11. Let me talk to my wife, but I might be able to trade 7/22 sec 114 row 18 seat 7&8 for your ga
  12. My plan was that I would enter the show with someone on the 28th, they would then enter the show on the 29th with me. This would be arranged and secured with validating someone's id via Facebook or such to ensure dealing with a legitimate person, along with some good o'l fashion trust. If it is like at the Black Keys I attended, they swipe your credit card at the door, and print small paper slips, then that paper slip is marked and then given a wrist band for the floor access.
  13. I will keep you in mind. My priority will be to trade, so as to avoid the hassle of selling and feeling the temptation to scalp and the bothered conscious from scalping.
  14. I would go with a cab, or Uber. My wife and I use uber in our hometown often. A lot cheap than a DUI and very easy to call a ride with the app.
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