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  1. Since this is the first tour of its kind for U2--with the main album they're "promoting" already entrenched in the middle of the set--the band have an interesting opportunity. To my knowledge, they've never opened a tour with anything else but something from their latest album. 360 tour in 2011 was an exception due to AB's 20th anniversary and the 1-year delay due to Bono's back surgery (they were no longer promoting NLOTH). This allows them to be more adventurous and a lot less predictable. "Act One," if they're keeping it pre-Joshua Tree, will sadly always include Pride because that was their biggest "hit." SBS--via Red Rocks--was on MTV all the time, and it opened the War album very strongly, so they probably felt it'd be the strongest concert opener of the early material. They played I Will Follow, Electric Co., Gloria, Out of Control A LOT during the I+E tour, but I don't recall hearing Two Hearts Beat As One. Anyway, here's how they could change it up a bit . . . If the boys walked up to that B-stage, got behind their gear, and went right into Party Girl. Yes, I concede it'd be a strangely quiet opener--particularly with just an acoustic and Bono's voice for the first verse--and not akin to the rousing openers they've done in tours past. But by the time the drums, bass, and falsetto kick in, they have most of the audience in the palms of their hands already. Not only are they "pulling out a deep cut," but they're opening with it. It would be the most intimate and surprising opening track they've done in decades (with the possible exception of Return of the Stingray Guitar in 2010). If they did that, I could accept the "standards" a bit more before going into JT. (I'd still prefer 2HBA1, Gloria, Wire, etc.) What I really want to hear in the "Third Act" is some of that raucous change in sound from the 90s; at least a scorcher from that other birthday boy album, Pop (20 years old!). In my mind, it would be completely bada$$ if the sounds and screen-based sights of "Mothers of the Disappeared" faded into a lowly lit, dissonant hum for a few minutes, only to reverse course in the darkness with the opening bass growl of Mofo, and the entire stadium came alive with sound and color as the band kicked into high gear on the b-stage. Or a quiet fade in of Please, instead. Or maybe after the Joshua Tree, kick into Wild Horses, then Gone (Or Discotheque), Kite, and All Because of You. Then a second encore with One, Beautiful Day, Window In the Skies, I Will Follow, 40. Okay, dream over. Back to sleep now.
  2. Hi all,A friend is flying in last minute to make the Chicago show at Soldier Field on Saturday, June 3. Any chance some (or one) of you fine folks has a single GA ticket to sell? Or know of one? Thanks mucho!
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