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  1. I was in H-town R-Zone as well. The band was out on the tree for the first 3 songs and last couple encore songs. my advice is to be as far "up top" in RZ (even with the top of "tree"), at rail if possible and you will get a fine view for those handful of songs. Rail along walkway or facing main stage is a waste. The boom was a medium irritant. Also after the pre-JT songs, we moved back away from rail, PLENTY of room to really take in the main stage, music and extraordinary video graphics. Actually the view got better moving out away from the RZ rail - the band is up on the main stage and fully shifted over to the opposite side of where the tree trunk comes out of the main stage for 90% of the concert. Moving out and away allowed freedom to dance and nobody hold a damn iphone up in front of your line of sight filming half the concert for unknown reasons... Folks... there is going to be video and one way better than we can take. Sure everyone wants some pixs, put the camera screen on low, snap a few here and there then put the freak'n thing away and watch the magic with your eyes not thru a crappy two inch screen. Sing, dance, live. Don't record on and on.
  2. Tarrant County Convention Center (Ft. Worth) Nov 24, 1987... 'Love' came to town for the first time... So funny, I remember being so disappointed when the first show sold out (Smithereens opened) and as my mate and I were getting into the car from the ticketron(?) seller location, the local radio DJ said, "second show added"... We rushed back in and were 3rd in line. Got row 17 floor, but thought bummer that "only BB King" is opening this show. Oh, how I would love to relive that night live instead of watching for myself on the Rattle & Hum video in the audience. So special. Was also the first date with my wife - hitting 28 years now - see you all in H-town and Toronto this year.
  3. if it is lost, i think you got to call TM fan support and have them switch it over different card under your name to take and swipe. I am taking everything I can think of including my statement receipt because I have almost zero faith in on-site TM support at the venue and who knows what no-nothing fool I might have to deal with. The nightmare that keeps me awake at night, is being refused entry and in the middle of some enormous conversation at the gate whilst inside the arena I hear the first notes of Streets starting up to ground shaking cheers....
  4. I think that's the answer to question #1, as well... I think you're right - if the number changes due to loss or theft on re-issue, you gotta call TM. If the card has expired, and the number hasn't changed with the new card, it should work. I am still taking both cards and the printed TM receipt tho. thxs
  5. Well question #2 answered.... What if the credit card I used expires before the event? Just bring the old card, or the replacement card with the same account number. If you destroyed the old card and your new one has a different account number, please contact Fan Support.
  6. "Mike" the supervisor said that I could sell the tickets, cancel my credit card and the card will still allow for access. Has anyone ever done this?" I have two related questions.... (1) what happens if you lose your credit card between now and the show date - does the replacement card work? (2) The credit card I purchased on last week is good thru 3/17, so I KNOW I will be getting a new card before the show in May - what happens? the replacement will be ok to use? the expired one will still work? (I plan on taking both, but still...) I plan to call TM once the chaos has subsided but would love to know if anyone has had an experience with CCE in this area. thxs
  7. I so endorse this post. My new dislike, boarding on hate, is people who hold up a phone in front of me for extended periods. I usually tolerate a few snaps now and then throughout the show, but good grief - it has become out of control. The last concert I attended - Foo Fighters- I told the gal (very nicely) "hey, why don't you watch the show with your eyes and enjoy the moment, cause it won't again. You will be able to go online and find 1000s of pics from this very concert posted but you are not getting the eye to brain live connection ever again". She paused, thought for a minute and then said "you know what you are right". Put away her camera and proceeded to jam her ass off to the music instead of trying to take pictures. Thanked me after the show actually. Good moment.
  8. I did top VIP packages for both 360 (Anaheim and Dallas) and I&E (NYC) tours. I thought it was solid, but didn't blow me away. Which is fine. There for the concert. My experience was almost exactly like what onelynne posted - the only other thing I will add is about a week before the show I got an email telling me exactly where and when to show up - it wasn't just the will call window. Also somebody checked us in and took us back to the buffet, pre-show hanging out area. The other I thing I personally enjoyed about the experience was meeting many different couples from all over and sharing U2 stories and such in relaxed setting. Probably like what people in GA line experience all day but in an area with no wait for a bathroom and an open bar...
  9. Far Out! Just found out today...<shock face emoticon> The boys always over deliver for their fans, perhaps this will come signed..... here' to hopin' !
  10. The Year: 1991 The Place: The Palace, Hollywood CA The Band: Nirvana... Background: May 1991, phone rings at my apt in Hermosa Beach, it's my friend telling me a group called 'Nirvana' was coming to LA and we should get tickets. "Never heard of them" I said, "who are they?" Well, "they are from the Seattle area and heard they are kick ass live". Good enough for me. Tickets purchased for $15. Aug 1991. Smells Like Teen Spirit is released for radio. Had not heard a song on first play more electrifying since "Where the Streets Have No Name". The song is immediately picked up by my favorite station KROQ and goes into HEAVY rotation. Every time it comes on, whether house or car, the volume goes max. It is song that to this day just focuses, resonates and demands attention with that opening riff. Sept 1991. Video hits MTV. Now the television's speakers are being regularly stretched to the breaking point. Oct 27th 1991. Night of the concert. Nirvana is officially THE phenomenon in the town that creates artificial phenomenons. Only this isn't artificial - It is Beatlemania for a post-punk generation - and it's real. Just getting into the Palace is a chore. There must have been over a thousand people just hanging out in front; that is about twice the number of people who can squeeze into that SRO box. People, asking, begging, pleading for extra tickets. I turned down a $100 offer on a $15 ticket! Nirvana hits the stage. It's an amped atmosphere... The crowd is pushed to the max - I am nearly front center and can see six rows of people just offstage in the wings. Celebrity, corporate types who have shown up with fevered fans to see live what all this noise is about.... Kurt is on full growl to yowl. Krist is playing, banging his bass in that lanky, rangy style of his and is also shoeless. Dave is beating the drums like they owe him money - not sure I ever saw his face with that hair of his... The raw emotion and physicality from the mosh leaves people drained, exhausted, dragging toward the exits while leaning on each other - grins and happy grunts all around. I know of only one other band who leaves its fans with that kind of adrenaline release... Here is the pic of my ticket stub I saved all these years and that is a 28 year old me, second face off Kurt's left hip. This picture never ceases to bring a smile to my face. R.I.P. Kurt Cobain and thank you for a concert memory of a lifetime.
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