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  1. Yes you are understanding perfectly, which is much more than I can credit the TM rep with. When I asked her to tell me what the message was that she was going to be relaying to the promoter on my behalf (har har!) she began "you went to a different website..." Um, NO. I think you are right about the cc avenue--I'm going to tell Visa I refute the charges due to the fact that I did not buy tickets for St Louis, so this is not quite bait-and-switch but comes down to a glitch in their system that they are going to pawn off on fans. btw I tried the Phoenix presale email from U2.com again today and it still goes straight to the Joshua Tree Phoenix show page on TM.
  2. Is anyone else having a problem with Ticketmaster? I am so mad I could spit!!!!! I bought two tickets using the Ticketmaster App for the Phoenix show while I was standing in the GA line for the DC show (or so I thought). I used the direct link sent from U2.com with my Red Hill presale code for the Phoenix show and although the tickets were supposed to go on sale at 10:00 AM MST, it ended up being more like 10:20 AM. That should have been my first clue to how messed up it would be. I had a really hard time selecting GA and I wanted RedZone, but there was no hope for that, the App just wouldn't show me anything but seats--the only way I got it to give me the GA option was to use the select seats on a map option. RedZone was grayed-out the whole time. Now here's the kicker: I just checked my email and the tickets issued are for the wrong show in the wrong city!!!! They have issued me tickets for St Louis on the same day I already have tickets for Arcade Fire in DC! I called Ticketmaster and their customer service (what a joke even calling it that) is abysmal! They couldn't care less. They told me the tickets are non-refundable and gave me some sort of reference number. They said that they had to talk to the promoter--which is internal only and maybe I'd hear back in 3-5 business days. They were completely unconvincing and really really don't care. I pointed out that the App was a nightmare to use and I had used a U2.com link to get to the Phoenix ticket sale site and that this was not my mess up. I also pointed out again that I clearly have previously bought tickets to a different show in a different city on the same date. THEY DON'T CARE AT ALL. I am so upset because it seems there is no recourse for me. I also just went on Ticketmaster for the Phoenix show (through my desktop web browser this time) and when I put in my code, it says I have unlocked RedZone for Red Hill members and it still shows me nothing but seats. No RedZone, no GA. Their site is beyond screwed up and it seems that they reap the rewards of their incompetence by pocketing the nonrefundable funds that they are swindling from honest fans!!! Was wondering if anyone else was having a similar experience and any advice appreciated. Sorry, just really needed to rant. I thought U2 had ditched Ticketmaster years ago due to their complete lack of professionalism and customer care. What a shame!
  3. I'm wondering if the sign-in is ongoing even now or if security has now closed road access to where the queue has formed? I didn't see the latest @evilgenius post until an hour ago I was worried something like this was going to happen even though FedEx security were so confident that they had things under enough control to prevent this--ha! Still willing to drive out now to put my name on the list and return at 6:00 AM if possible. Any latest news on line activity? Thx.
  4. Oh, I think the sentiment will be much different if the ones who join you are children. That's quite understandable and I think you'll find that other concert goers will want to make sure that their first U2 concert is one of the best experiences of their lives!! I know it has been that way for other parents who have taken their children to U2. BTW I'm also worried about the parking lot open time--which seems insane, as does the approach the facility seems to have to keeping dedicated GAers away--NOT gonna happen! At this point I'm thinking about driving (even though I really wanted to Metro --the last Metro is at 11:24 PM--WTF?) and parking at the structure at Largo Town Center, which is $5.10/day with 2200 spaces. Is anyone else doing this??
  5. I have been lining up for U2 for what seems like half my life. I have seen them in venues all over North America, though never in this area (just moved here). In every case that I have seen, it's more or less the same. The first few people in line start a running list of names that correspond to numbers that get inked on your hand. While you can try to negotiate with your line mates to have the numbers set aside for your companions, it's really up to the self-policing line to see if they'll allow it. I have literally seen a fight break out when someone tried to do as you are suggesting and new people showed up shortly before the gates opened. Granted that was in LA, but people in this region seem far more uptight and nasty than out West. I have to say that nerves can be a little frayed for those of us who have been in line for 20+ hours and taken our vacation time from work to do so. It just doesn't seem right that other people who haven't put in the time will cut ahead of you with no effort--not very respectful, you know? As far as the lawn chairs go, that's fine. Just know that you'll have to store them back in your vehicle (or wherever) 1-2 hours before the gates open, or be okay with trashing them before going in. hope this helps M
  6. mcpayne

    Fan meetup?

    Any fan get togethers proposed for Vancouver yet?
  7. RZ 1 Vancouver, May 15, 2015! $786 CDN for two tickets.
  8. I wonder if they're doing this to minimize the occurrences of codes falling into the hands of commercial ticket buying/selling companies that have ruined such presales for us in the past?
  9. Yup I am sooooo there! Coming in on the 3rd and leaving the 5th. yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hope you get your crazy self 100% better before you return.
  11. I was alone so the guy next to me offered to take my picture... yeah. great. thanks. (Phoenix October 20, 2009)
  12. I was alone so the guy next to me offered to take my picture... yeah. great. thanks. (Phoenix October 20, 2009)
  13. Typical solitude on the beautiful Oregon Coast.
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