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    Orignially released "Mercy" or Electric Storm
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    fell in love in 1883
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  1. Seriously after losing every thing when our home was burarized to find an odd U2 rarity from the early 80's is great...for those that don't know me they stole even what was nailed down so alas I'm left to communicate via my phone. And I do sense something other than a certain Scotsman's skirts breathing or expelling Scottish air Work with me @joe etc, as I'm working from a cell phone. He's never been off the radar this long!
  2. After way too long of getting news of Bono's where abouts, news and appearances online-yep way before if at all on our beloved official site.... It's been over two weeks which by 'Bono' standards is equivalent to two MONTHS...(see Webster's revised dictionary : ) So, does this mean he's hunkered down with the band putting the final touches on their new cd? My personal choice..... Where is our beloved U2 ringleader? Have you news or Bono spottings? Do tell! Do share!! Bono~where are you?!
  3. And you hunger for the time Time to heal, 'desire' time

  4. Glad to see the extremely wealthy giving away nearly all of their money...I realize that what they or their kids are 'left with' after is more than I will ever see in my life...but it's still great to see.... Now to the minor things....Bono is singing! It appears Bono's day as a redhead was just that...a day...and who can tell me what type of cell Bono's using while singing/introducing Buffett...he's using the light on it to see the 'lyrics' he wrote...it's not an iPhone...but then I guess in a room with more Microsoft people was a good choice...
  5. AND to reflect my dire mental state in need of more u2....when I was grocery shopping I ignored my phone (I'll leave it up 2u (reverse hun?!) to decide which song(s) u think I use...I know that has you sooo intrigued...) as I thought it was ONE of my ringtones....turns out it wasn't...
  6. Walk till you run and don't look back For here I am.

  7. sleepy but wanted to responed...UNLESS you get a serious case of the shakes, up'll be ok either way...one way is just a bit easier...but don't let a day that succumbs to drink..sideline ya!! acknolegdge it will keep going and the battle is always with youself!
  8. Lift Up Your Voices/Press the keypads & bring back the BLOGS!

  9. If the sky can crack there MUST be some way back to LOVE and ONLY LOVE......

  10. If the sky can crack there must be someway back to LOVE and ONLY love....

  11. If the skys can crack there must be someway back to love and only love...

  12. Rejoice.....Rejoice......

  13. Car alarm won't let you back to sleep You're kept awake dreaming someone elses dream Coffee is cold but it'll get you through Compromise that's nothing new to you. Let's see colours that have never been seen Let's go places no one else has been

  14. 360 FTGU better than U22?

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