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  1. There's a whole thread in this same forum called something like "Was anyone in the Innocence group able to get GA for Vegas" where people went on at sale time and weren't able to get GA tickets, so I would have been more peeved if I took paid time off from work to go through that . My commentary was also about the significant increase in ticket prices. I'm not going to pay $40 for the opportunity to pay $300 again, actually next time it probably be $400. . I guess I am just not that big of a fan. Well anyways, I'm over it. Have fun at the show!!
  2. Has any band ever tried just selling the tickets through a sealed bid auction type setup? I always thought that could be a good solution where the biggest fans would bid more and set the price. And since the bids set the actual market price it would mean less profit and opportunity for scalpers who count on the actual value of the tickets being worth more than the initial sales price. What I was thinking is you go to a website prior to a deadline and select the number of seats and area of the arena/stadium where you would like those seats and what you are willing to pay and give them a credit card number. During auction time the computer just goes down the list from highest to lowest filling each section from best to worst seats.
  3. I agree. $750 for two upper level tickets is absurd. If ticket prices keep climbing like this, I am beginning to think the Joshua Tree show I attended in San Diego back in September will be my last ever U2 show.
  4. I wasn’t able to look at the presale until this evening for the Las Vegas show. Only 2 tickets I can find are in the upper level at $330 each totaling over $700 with fees and taxes. I must not be a “real fan” because in my opinion that is way too much for nosebleeds. I’ll just sit back and wait for the “Special Gift” that my $40 purchased. I sure as heck won’t be renewing my membership next year
  5. Good article. I did GA for the San Diego show. I can sort of see why people will go to any length to be along the railing as if you aren't up against the railing you are more subject to all of the d-bags who show up late and just noodle and downright shove their way past you to get up to as close to the stage as possible. I am sure it was like that for every GA stadium show, but I was about 10 yards back from the stage and I have never been so crammed in for a GA crowd in my life. I am glad I did it once, but I will probably never do a SRO GA again. It was sooo packed. I was astonished at the amount of garbage/chairs/coolers/half eaten meals left behind by the people at the front of the GA line. Do people ever go back and get their stuff that they left behind after the show?
  6. Trolley worked out ok. I noticed as we were taking the trolley to the stadium that it would have been a very long and complicated walk. It was a bit of a wait to leave the stadium on the trolley, but it didn't appear the parking lot was emptying any quicker. When we were taking the trolley earlier in the day to go sightseeing, some local was telling us that we should be carrying hand sanitizer and washing our hands frequently due to the hepatitis issue.
  7. We're staying at the Town and Country Inn in Mission Valley which appears to be right next to the Fashion Valley Trolley stop. We plan on taking that to and from the Stadium. I am looking at Google Maps and it looks like there are some walking/bike trails along the San Diego River that would get you most of the way to/from the stadium. Can any locals speak to the saftey/practicality of walking back along those trails if the westbound trolley line is redonkulous?
  8. Get rid of Miss Sarajevo, replace it with Walk On. I bet you could still use that film footage they show on the screen. Edit: I just totally had a Dark Side of the Moon / Wizard of Oz moment. Try starting some concert footage of Miss Sarajevo from this tour and when the screen goes blank after the woman talks about wanting to come to America, mute the live music and hit play for Walk On.
  9. They definitely need to add a Las Vegas date in between Phoenix and San Diego on the 2nd North American leg and film that under the "Desert Sky" :-)
  10. They could easily fit two dates in between New Orleans and San Diego to keep consistent with the average two day spacing for the rest of the tour. I bet on or around 9/18 and 9/20 we see Denver, Salt Lake, Phoenix, and/or Las Vegas added. I'm rooting for Las Vegas obviously, and Sam Boyd stadium looks available that week. This got me thinking, are they touring with two stage setups? That would be impressive if they are setting up and taking down one stage setup every two days.
  11. Ok it finally worked. I got in for GA as well. Now I am going to have to read the GA threads as it seems like there is more involved than just showing up an hour or so before the show. Ok, now that I've committed to traveling to San Diego from Las Vegas, and used my pre-sale code. I am sure a Las Vegas show will be added...
  12. So was there was a delay before the Red Hill presale was accessible? I am trying to get in with my wires code and am not seeing any tickets.
  13. seanclv

    Seats vs GA

    I'm 6'2" and don't mind GA. But then I always get that poor person who gets stuck behind me who says in a loud voice "I've got the TALLEST PERSON IN THE WORLD standing in front of me!"
  14. Also along the same lines. Southwest is having a fare sale right now that ends tomorrow. I can fly from Las Vegas to San Diego for $49 each way.
  15. seanclv


    Like I said in another thread. Fingers still crossed for Las Vegas...
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