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  1. Nine more to go. Two more songs added -- Iris and Blackout. Just release all 23 and the next subscription gift please.
  2. Finally, the U2 3-D Dance Remixes vinyl have been shipped. Today, I received mine with the usual thud by the postman. ? Whether or not it is labeled fragile, the postman always delivers vinyl with no love and respect. Probably throws it. ? So, did anyone else receive their vinyl gift? Hey, it is right in time to start talking about the 2019 gift. ?
  3. A nice surprise to find. The U2 3D Dance Remixes are available to download. Check your account page.
  4. FYI There is a walkway right against the E stage where Larry sits. Bummer.
  5. The Forum sent out an email with the following information regarding GA. General Admission Policy May 15 – 16, 2018 ***Subject to Change*** The Forum welcomes guests with General Admission (GA) paperless tickets to arrive and form a line in advance of typical arrival times for a concert. All guests are required to abide by the provisions within the following policy. Ticket holders found in violation of the following policy may be asked to surrender their paperless tickets and leave Forum property. • The GA line will be formed in the North quadrant of the Forum Parking Lot
  6. Has the presales worn you down Bigwave? It seems you are lost for words or is the song Invisible going through you mind.
  7. Let's hope U2 will follow Bruce Springsteen's path where a person is verified as a genuine fan and ticket buyer and not to have us fans leap through hoops as Taylor Swift is making her followers do. From what I read, it seems most fans were upset at Bruce for the lottery and the price of ticket prices for his Broadway shows. Whereas Taylor Swift, she put her fans into Lucifer's hand. No fan should have to buy, buy, buy, and buy merchandise to boost their chances to get ahead of the queue when there is no guarantee in getting tickets. Materialism never ever buys love, friendship, or loyalty. It
  8. Tower of Song Thank you Leonard Cohen for all your work, you will be missed. Rest easy in the Tower of Song. You were an amazing songwriter and poet. Your music will be with us throughout the ages. Hopefully, it is true you forgiven Bono for his take on Hallelujah. I, however, cannot forgive him for that rendition. You are the better man, Mr. Cohen. Thankfully for us, Bono did redeem himself on Tower of Song. I was born like this I had no choice I was born with the gift of a golden voice
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