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  1. See here: http://zootopia.u2.com/forums/topic/37803-u2eitour-presales-part-2/?do=findComment&comment=1125534
  2. See here: http://zootopia.u2.com/forums/topic/37747-album-email/?do=findComment&comment=1121444
  3. Based on a chat conversation I had with them I would not completely trust it and I think it's perfectly safe and prudent to explicitly register once for each of the new dates. That statement on their registration page is written with such brevity and lack of attention to detail and typical fan concerns, as with pretty much all of their communication.
  4. More details are on each event page on Ticketmaster.com, hidden among the list of available tickets on the right where it says "New Music Included! ... More Info":
  5. Ticketmaster has claimed to me (via live chat) that the Verified Fan random selection is per show and not all-or-nothing across multiple shows. Did anyone here register for Verified Fan for more than one show and then receive code(s) for some, but not all of those shows?
  6. Yes it is. It also mentions it here: http://www.u2.com/news/title/new-song-new-album-new-tour
  7. As of now, the following Ticketmaster shows claim that there will be a regular public onsale at 10am local time Tuesday: Tulsa St Louis San Jose Chicago Nashville Uniondale, NY Washington, DC Newark, NJ And these ones seem to still be for verified fans only: Los Angeles Boston NYC Seems to pretty much correspond to whether the show basically sold out (or close to it) or not.
  8. Weird. So what if a person purchased 1 ticket? Then they have to register again?
  9. No one knows for sure. There is discussion about it here: http://zootopia.u2.com/forums/topic/37358-how-does-ticketmaster-verifiedfan-really-work/
  10. I can say now that the answer seems to be a hybrid. There is a single random selection process and not one per show. So you were either selected for today's sale or you were not, without regard to the city. If you were selected, then you received separate codes for every single show to which you registered. I find this very strange. If the point of random selection is to deal with excess demand, then it would seem to make more sense to do a random selection separately for each city or ideally each section within each venue.
  11. Strange then that when they sent out "You’ve Been Selected For U2 Verified Fan Onsale" emails earlier tonight, it seems each person got only one and it did not identify a specific show. Then hopefully it will be clear as to which code goes with each show. For the presale, the code was sent all by itself in a separate SMS from the link or any other context. So if they do that for the general sale, and they send the codes very rapidly, it may not be clear which code goes with which show because it is quite possible to receive SMS messages in a different order than they were sent (especially if they are sent rapidly)
  12. Yes and the initial registration confirmation emails were also confusing because although you get one for each show, there is absolutely no mention of which show each email was for.
  13. Ticketmaster requires us to register separately for each individual show to which we want VerifiedFan access. Does that mean each show has its own independent random selection process and that a fan will receive a separate code for each show to which he/she registered AND was selected? Or is there a single random selection process across all shows and if a fan is selected, that fan will receive a single code which will work on all of the shows to which he/she registered?
  14. I guess that people who were selected will receive only one code and that code will work for every show that they registered for. This is as opposed to a different code for each show. Any ideas?
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