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  1. See here: http://zootopia.u2.com/forums/topic/37803-u2eitour-presales-part-2/?do=findComment&comment=1125534
  2. See here: http://zootopia.u2.com/forums/topic/37747-album-email/?do=findComment&comment=1121444
  3. Based on a chat conversation I had with them I would not completely trust it and I think it's perfectly safe and prudent to explicitly register once for each of the new dates. That statement on their registration page is written with such brevity and lack of attention to detail and typical fan concerns, as with pretty much all of their communication.
  4. More details are on each event page on Ticketmaster.com, hidden among the list of available tickets on the right where it says "New Music Included! ... More Info":
  5. Ticketmaster has claimed to me (via live chat) that the Verified Fan random selection is per show and not all-or-nothing across multiple shows. Did anyone here register for Verified Fan for more than one show and then receive code(s) for some, but not all of those shows?
  6. Yes it is. It also mentions it here: http://www.u2.com/news/title/new-song-new-album-new-tour
  7. As of now, the following Ticketmaster shows claim that there will be a regular public onsale at 10am local time Tuesday: Tulsa St Louis San Jose Chicago Nashville Uniondale, NY Washington, DC Newark, NJ And these ones seem to still be for verified fans only: Los Angeles Boston NYC Seems to pretty much correspond to whether the show basically sold out (or close to it) or not.
  8. Weird. So what if a person purchased 1 ticket? Then they have to register again?
  9. No one knows for sure. There is discussion about it here: http://zootopia.u2.com/forums/topic/37358-how-does-ticketmaster-verifiedfan-really-work/
  10. I can say now that the answer seems to be a hybrid. There is a single random selection process and not one per show. So you were either selected for today's sale or you were not, without regard to the city. If you were selected, then you received separate codes for every single show to which you registered. I find this very strange. If the point of random selection is to deal with excess demand, then it would seem to make more sense to do a random selection separately for each city or ideally each section within each venue.
  11. Strange then that when they sent out "You’ve Been Selected For U2 Verified Fan Onsale" emails earlier tonight, it seems each person got only one and it did not identify a specific show. Then hopefully it will be clear as to which code goes with each show. For the presale, the code was sent all by itself in a separate SMS from the link or any other context. So if they do that for the general sale, and they send the codes very rapidly, it may not be clear which code goes with which show because it is quite possible to receive SMS messages in a different order than they were sent (especially if they are sent rapidly)
  12. Yes and the initial registration confirmation emails were also confusing because although you get one for each show, there is absolutely no mention of which show each email was for.
  13. Ticketmaster requires us to register separately for each individual show to which we want VerifiedFan access. Does that mean each show has its own independent random selection process and that a fan will receive a separate code for each show to which he/she registered AND was selected? Or is there a single random selection process across all shows and if a fan is selected, that fan will receive a single code which will work on all of the shows to which he/she registered?
  14. I guess that people who were selected will receive only one code and that code will work for every show that they registered for. This is as opposed to a different code for each show. Any ideas?
  15. I've noticed that some of Ticketmaster's published timings for the Verified Fan sale have changed. At this point, every show sold by Ticketmaster says that the Verified Fan sale ends on the concert date except for the one in Nashville on 5/26/18, which still claims only a 1-day Verified Fan sale:
  16. @mich40 This entire thread is about the public sale of tickets via VerifiedFan and not about the presales at all. Edit: there have been side conversations about the presale but it wasn't the point of the thread
  17. @Max Tsukino, @mich40, @bigwave, Any of you have a sense for answers to the questions that this thread poses? They are pretty much summarized in the original post. Of course Ticketmaster is probably the only one who knows for sure but the answers we get from a typical customer service rep there are not consistent and not particularly informative. And I get the sense that the folks at u2.com/help would just defer to Ticketmaster. I find it strange because I don't understand what choices about the ticket sale process are determined by "the band" (or whoever they have hired to run the tour - is that LiveNation?) vs determined by the ticket seller (Ticketmaster). I understand that LiveNation and Ticketmaster are sort of the same company but as a consumer it just seems very strange that there is no way to get answers about such fundamental questions from "the band" and instead have to ask the ticket seller where the person that you talk to seems to have absolutely no insight into these sorts of big questions. Note: in the past I have tried to contact u2.com/help about non-subscriber non-presale questions and they always defer to TM. Hence the above confusion.
  18. Doesn't quite add up. But did you see the other show above where the timing is very different and the Verified Fan sale only lasts for one day? I see you mention Ed Sheeran maybe as an example that is similar to this one where there was ultimately a regular public onsale with no registration. And the question remains as to what they will do if a show does not sell out immediately. Logically, the above is the way to deal with that. Why would they give Verified Fans a 6+ month window to make a purchase for this NYC show after only sending out codes once at the beginning of that six month period? That does't make sense to me.
  19. Given how incredibly bad they are at communicating accurate information, who knows what this means. It could be that it's just wrong or it could be that they will somehow implement an ongoing random selection process for 6 months. See my thoughts on this in the original post that started this thread.
  20. Some new insight is that the Ticketmaster event pages say things like this: So to me that means that the period in which the people who are randomly chosen have to make their purchase has a defined end time and as I suspected after this time the remaining tickets must be freely available first-come first-served as they always have been.
  21. Yeah basically the principle of this change (in a sense) seems to be that: previously, avid fans with enough desire could take advantage of first-come first-served to be more likely to get tickets. Now, there is no such advantage and such fans are treated no differently than any other person who just wants to go to the concert. But the counterargument might be that the registration process itself is the replacement. So in other words those same avid fans with enough desire are going to be the majority of people who even register in the first place, and then the random selection that will happen is effectively equivalent to the seemingly random way in which people do or do not get tickets during the previous mad rush. And a deeper argument is that maybe by "fan", ticketmaster just means "anyone who actually wants to go to the concert". So shouldn't those people all have an equal chance of being able to go? And isn't a random selection the best way to give an equal chance? In other words, if you really want to be given preference, then that's why you pay extra to participate in the non-random presale. Of course this assumes that Ticketmaster can actually weed out only and all bots/scalpers and that their random selection is truly random. And based upon decades of history, a lot of us are skeptical.
  22. Thanks for the info on how it has worked (or not worked) for you. In my original post opening this thread, question c) is about what I've quoted you on here. Based on what you've said, I assume that those concerts sold out "quickly". Meaning within the timeframe that Ticketmaster considers the codes valid and the initial "random selection" process still in place. If the concerts did not sell out during that undisclosed timeframe, then I would have to imagine that they would somehow create an opportunity for a new set of people to buy tickets either via another round of random selection or (most likely) opening up the show as a normal first-come first-served sale.
  23. See here: http://zootopia.u2.com/forums/topic/37393-credit-card-entry/
  24. Ticketmaster just told me: "In most cases, if you purchase general admission or floor tickets, they will likely be Credit Card Entry only" (I asked about both the presale and the general sale and this was their response) Pretty vague answer as usual. I don't understand why they always keep information so mysterious. Even in the screenshot that @monica martino posted, their answer is somewhat ambiguous as to what the actual method of delivery will be (paper, electronic, credit card entry, will call, mobile entry, etc).
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