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  1. Yup .. just foun out , but it oes not clearly say so anywhere exept implicitley here on a help / FAQ page, but you only find this if you realy read all the FAQ thoroughly .... An it is hidden so well, that i even cannot fin the page i got this from anymore... ================================================ Why can’t I connect my ticketmaster.co.uk account as I don't have a ticketmaster.com account? This Presale and verification process is for U2 shows in U.S. + Canada only. ===============================================
  2. Carefull ,only if you live in UK or Ireland, the Boxes offered through U2.com will give you a presale code, if youlive outsieUK and Ireland, then you need to order through one of the other recources mentioned, but the latter do not offer the Super de Luxe extra packages, those are only available through the u2.com webshop...
  3. Dropping the leading Zero does not work, the webform ADD's the leaing zero back by itself , trie to update multiple times, reentered the phone number, the webform still add's the zero automattically..
  4. sorry, my keyboard of my laptop is broken, often the "D" does not work ..
  5. mm I just entere my Dutch Ticketmaster credentials an it now says "Verified" , o not know for which part of the tour that qualifies, but hopefully for thst European leg...
  6. Just tried to change my mobile number at my profile : When i remove the zero, it just ads it again automatically, so hopefully when they send me a code, they will remove the zero themselves, otherwise the number is un-usable for this purpose...
  7. thx, will do , will try tommorrow, i guess i do not need to hurry since no one seems to know how things should work for European fans, In the mean time, Playing the live recordings from 1980 in Paradiso Amsteram .
  8. exactly.... But it is an Amerikan Web Form , so it was desigend and works in the American web form way
  9. now it does not time out anymore, now it just says : Our store is temporarily down for scheduled maintenance. Sorry for any inconvenience. We will be back online as soon as possible. Live Nation Merchandise Customer Service 1-800-767-7160 +1-434-205-7049 Ticketmaster Fan Club Customer Service +1-855-527-2695 +001-949-333-4820
  10. i entered my mobile number without the leading zero, but the webform adds it automatically soi guess that is OK .. But becausese of the perpetual 504 gateway timeouts, it doesn't matter for now anyway..
  11. well for now it does not really matter, Fanfire is giving gateway timeouts for the past 2 hours now, when confirming a subscription renewal.. , so it seems not to be possible to renew anyway for now...
  12. That is why you cannot complete a usefull TM mebership in the US, You cannot give a valid legal adress
  13. So this verified meber process is only for the North American leg of the tour ? It is totally unclear now whtether this clumsy process is required for European Members who want to be in the presale for the European part of the tour , can anyone please confirm what is going on here ?
  14. It oes not make sence either, to need a USA TM account for the European part of the tour , and to have to recieve USA sms messages in Europe , but that's just me...
  15. That is not allowed when u live outside teh USA , i do have a Dutch TM account though ..
  16. Same question here, I am living in the Netherlands, Europe, so i cannot register at a north american ticketmaster account, just at a Dutch one , so how will that work ?
  17. >>It's a fansite that will collect as many as lucky owners of Wide awake in Europe as possible << OMG, it get's more painfull by the minute, first we in Europe cannot buy a Disc with a title that says that somebody is wide awake over here, and now it's got a fansite dedicated to it also... Snif Snif...
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