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  1. Re: Kristaps reply. I totally get your point, and actually thought twice about posting my comment for the very reason of all the other countries that U2 have NEVER visited. I guess after U2's rich history with my country, I don't want to see Scotland being consigned to a list of places they don't visit anymore. As Bono sings in "Please" sometimes "You can only feel your own pain". Sorry if my post has came across as being selfish. You don't state where you come from, but hope you get to see the band in your country one day.
  2. Seriously?, more dates In London, Paris, Belfast, yet not one single Scottish date after two sold out dates in Glasgow last time around (plus no JT30 date)?. I've been on EVERY tour since 1987. Many times having to travel to England & Ireland, & therefore at much added expense. What have Scottish U2 fans done to deserve this?. I've contacted Billy Sloan (D.J.) who was credited for getting the band to come to Glasgow for Elevation show. He cited availability of venue dates as reason, but with extra dates being added everywhere, surely Scotland can be slotted in somewhere?. Sitting here
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