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  1. Well just over a month ago I finally became a grandma... She was 5lb n 5oz born,, now she,s just over 8lb in weight.. Like me, she sleeps like a log, but has her dads arse.. hehehahe,, well anyway, as i was sayin. she looks more like her mum so far,, I think so anyway.. When I can.. I shall upload a few photies of her.. Oh yeh HI everybody..long time no see.. how r u all.. Nevermind bono.. Those guinneses must b gettin to heavy for ya now that ya gettin old.. lol. Only messin.. Hope ya back is ok and all is well on the western front so to speak.. Oh well I,ll sign off for now.. Read ya all next time.. Have a good day now.. xx.
  2. jeebas


    i forgot its bono,s birthday.. lol. happy birthday to him, he was born in a bin. happy biirrrthday to him happy birthday to him he likes his din. lol hehehahe
  3. how are u all doing,, i havent been on for quite some time. hope all is well with you all, lol.
  4. thats fooking funny,,i got funny looks of people for laughing out loud... merry christmas... cheers,,
  5. merry christmas dear,,, long time no read,, catch ya around the forum,, gonna be a grand mother soon,, so jolly good cheers for me..
  6. 1709 merry crimbo and a nappy new year..
  7. me,, i,ll probably clean up after them,, be their general dogs body and so forth,,, till i will kick them up the arse for being a bunch af lazy eagits for notcleaning up their own mess... lol.. and basicly have fun with them...
  8. hiiiii there sporty,,, just left ya message on facebook...glad to see ya back here are u still on messenger,, if so give us a shout and we can gas allnight,,ish...lol. i posted some pencil drawings of most of the band on here,, dont know whethere you saw them or not,,,a while ago when it was the vertgo cover...i,ll b doinsome more b4 long dont know when though because i still havent done the larry yet...oh well catch ya later have fun..
  9. 1201 dont let the b.....ds grind you down just bend a little lol.
  10. HI diddly ho.. jeebas here... how r u havent bin on here for a while myself.. how r things see yya around the forum..
  11. jeebas

    Words of

    Words of wisdom.. Nevver count your chickens b4 they are hatched.. has anyone else got any.. lol. never let the b,stards grind you down just bend a little. lol.
  12. hahahahehehahaheha htdaadave that was 4king funny beyond believe,, hahaheheha..
  13. 997 dont let the b.....ds grind u down just bend a litttle.
  14. get on ya boots.. again. lol. dont let the b.....ds grind u down just bend a little.
  15. CHOCOLATE CHIP MINT ICE CREAM.. mmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate chip... lol.
  16. Spent the past week tryin to get the web page with no success, thinkin it was technical difficulties i gave up for abit,, then i decided to try again,, and f..k me guess whats sittin in the bottom right hand corner.. yup., the enter site logo.. thick or what,,
  17. R.I.P no offense but i don,t reconise the name,, probably know him more by face than name.. god rest his soul....
  19. F.N.ELL I didn,t know Farrah Fawcett is dead aswell,, would ya fckin believe it.. GOD REST THIER SOULS IN EVER LASTING PEACE.
  20. oh yeh,, get on your boots i totaly couldn.t think of an answer b4.. lol.
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