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  1. Why isn't "All I want is you" on the official channel infact I don't think it ever was and various other big hit singles, you'd think probably the best video they ever made would be on their official channel.
  2. Looking forward to this didn't Steve Lillywhite mix the audio for it?Interesting to read Red flag 🚩 day wasn't included on the Sirus fm broadcast,why was that song abandoned near the end of the E&I tour when they had spent so much time getting it right such a shame as it was one of the better songs on SOE, and as for Little things not getting played on that tour is one of the biggest mysteries in U2's history.
  3. They played Páirc Uí Chaoimh in Cork in 87 and 93 so it's not out of the question playing there, also it's due to reopen in June.
  4. Yeah its really selfish of Magoo to be talking like that,have they not made enough money from sponsership on this tour and by the way they always said they would never kiss ass,(hypocrites),I thought Live nation and Blackberry were putting the money up for the tour ,there going back to the States again where lets face it people are getting tired of them with an album that has hardly set the charts on fire over there.Europe does not need another leg,they should play Sth America and Down Under instead ,U2 3D was amazing,the audiences there were the best ever and to Ignore them for financial reas
  5. Yeah I know but they dont seem to pay any attention to such demands from there loyal fans,PopMart had the most stagnant setlist in history and the last tour they did vary it a bit but a lot of it was similiar, I think if more people are to vent there frustration they may listen and take note,as being spontanous is what Bono has made a career of so why not apply that to the song choices,"All I want Is You" possibily one of U2 best ever songs hasnt been played yet which is a major mistake, also Bad has taken a backseat,Dont get me wrong this is the best U2 tour ever and they are playing the song
  6. U2 have such a great cannon of songs they should vary the list a lot more ,they are a rock band not a circus act ,its was a major diosappointment that they didnt have 3 or 4 completely different setlists for the 360 tour ,people knew what was coming and the excitment went after the first 2 weeks.My suggestion would be to drop Elevation,Mysterious ways ,Walk on and Unknown caller as these songs I think are very weak,and bring in songs such as The Fly,Gone ,Kite ,Fez ,New York,Sometimes You cant make it on your ,Please,Mofo,Running to Standstill,Hawkmoon, the list is endless, and most definitely
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