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  1. Thanks everyone for responding and apologies that I haven't replied to your comments sooner. I hope you are able to help with my research. If it helps, I can send the questions to you in advance? Many thanks Michael
  2. Did you attend U2’s 360° shows in Istanbul, Moscow or Pittsburgh? My name is Michael Williams, and I am a long-time U2 fan (since 1982). Currently, I am also a doctoral candidate, researching rock music events, focusing on U2’s 360° tour. I am seeking participants to contribute to my research, which aims to develop a better understanding of the concept of spectacle in the context of a rock music event. I would like to talk to you to find out about your experiences of attending U2’s 360° shows in Istanbul, Moscow and Pittsburgh. If you are interested in participating, please send me
  3. apparently U22 shipping depends on when you resubscribed to U2.com. I'm in the UK and haven't received mine yet either. I received a response from Live Nation Customer Services explaining this.
  4. I love this Pic, i'd like to share it with everyone. Thanks to everyone for a really fantastic day and night i'll remember my trip to Ireland forever Andy x
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