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    Too many to choose just the one!!
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    Earls Court, 21st August 2001
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  1. Hey Zootopians!! Been a while since I posted, so much so, I've not actually posted in this new Zootopia!! But thought I'd give this one a bash..... Well my first U2 gig was the Elevation Tour at Earls Court on 21st August 2001. I'd just come back from Australia after my year out, I left an 18 year old boy and came back a man!! My gig was the day Bono's dad passed away. The show was simply staggering...the emotion...the feeling...it was truly a great but also sad occasion. You could feel every note from the Edge's guitar, the pain and passion in Bono's voice when they played Kite. It really did sent shivers down my spine and make the hairs on the back of your neck and arms stand on end. So I've attached couple of pics from the night but it was back in the day when digital camera's were really expensive and all I had was a 35mm point and shoot!! (I'm the one in the hat!!) Enjoy Steve C - U2_Nutter!!!
  2. U2_Nutter

    Eales Court 2001

    My First U2 Gig when I was 19.
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