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  1. [quote name='Jake99 wrote: zoothousand.one wrote: Jake99']Redanka mixes All Because of You (Redanka Indian Summer Vocal Mix) All Because of You (Killahurtz Fly Mix) 6:54 version Miracle Drug (Redanka Miracle Dub) Miracle Drug (Redanka Zootopian Vocal Remix) Oakenfold Daddy's Gonna Pay Perfecto mix With Or Without You I'd love to hear a remix on Ultra Violet, Breathe, and a great sounding version of Crazy live remix (should of been a b-side to the single) I never heard of the Daddy's Gonna Pay fo
  2. I don't think they'll ever redo Pop. The way I see it, they either would give the whole album the same treatment they gave Discothèque, Gone, and Staring at the Sun on The Best of 1990-2000, or they would re-record and largely re-write the album. The former would be easier, but last time I heard Bono talk about it he sounded like it really needed the latter. I don't think the band would settle for less. And besides that being a long, arduous process, it would mean taking a time out from their current sound to go back and try to recreate the place their heads were at over a decade ago. Even th
  3. I never heard of the Daddy's Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car Perfecto Mix, but it always seemed to me like a song that could be remixed well. Same for Ultraviolet and Breathe. And I'm really surprised there hasn't been a club version of No Line On the Horizon yet -- it's really begging for it. I remember in 2003 there were plans for a single of The Hands That Built America allegedly backed by a new remix of The Playboy Mansion, but the single was scrapped when the song didn't win the oscar. I'd love for that remix to surface. Other ones I've wished someone would remix: Miami, Gone, Bull
  4. Anything we haven't heard (or heard of) before. I'm so psyched the Unforgettable Fire remaster has new mixes of Wire and A Sort of Homecoming. Of the mixes I already know about, in order of preference: Get On Your Boots (whatever remix it is they used on this video) Miracle Drug (Redanka Miracle Dub) Miracle Drug (Redanka Miracle Mix) Window in the Skies (Jacknife Lee Mix) With or Without You (Oakenfold Remix) All Because of You (Redanka Indian Summer Vocal Mix) Elevation (Paul Van Dyk Non Vox Mix) Walk On (Hallelujah Mix) Elevation (Paul Van Dyk Remix) Magnificent (Adam White
  5. Maybe it'll be on this upcoming remix cd for the fan club.
  6. Did anyone else see the cow car at the show on thursday night? It was a VW Beetle painted in black and white cow spots. It was hilarious. I wish I'd taken a picture! I think it had an out of state plate, don't remember from where though.
  7. The soundtrack to the recent news article U2 360 Gets High In Toronto is a sample of a remix of Get On Your Boots that I haven't heard before. It's not the Crookers Remix or Justice Remix. (It sounds better than both of those to me). Does anybody know who it's by, if it's going to be released in full, or any other details?
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