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  1. A very Happy Birthday to ya Bono! It’s been a brilliant few years seeing you give your all onstage so consistently. Enjoy your time off to “dream it all up again” Pic from the glorious Sydney 2 JT2019
  2. Are you really surprised that Adam is wearing women's sandals?
  3. Who needs Fly shades? I'm getting a scarf!Seriously, I'm spending my money on this.
  4. I saw someone tell that joke on a talk show! Can't remember who. But I believe it was from a show in Ireland.
  5. The brick phone!!!!And Mich, I'm beyond "flipping"! Thank you Cam!!!!!!!!!! Happy Happy Birthday Edge! Long live the King! (of guitarists)
  6. [quote name='barbara1 wrote: voxxiegirl wrote: Fortitude']I'd just like to point out the obvious. An "ATM machine" literally translates to Automatic Teller Machine machine. It's just an ATM people. errrrrrrrrrr I'm sorry I don't understand. I know what ATM machine stands for...lol...thanks for stating the obvious. What I meant, as I am sure the person who said it first meant...is that you can't just punch in numbers and get what you want. I'm not sure I understand what you are stating what ATM stands for. think fortitude was saying when
  7. The Birmingham party was fabulous! Mich did a great job. I love all the goodies! I had a lot of fun staying up past my bedtime.
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