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  1. I didn't realize there's different gates. Any idea how to make this work? Do they make you put on a wrist band? Are GA people not allowed on the concourse?
  2. Hi, yeah I think I would be up for that. How can we make it happen? I am planning to come up to Philly Sunday early afternoon.
  3. I am from out of town but will be staying at a hotel a few miles away. Hows the uber/lyft situation after sporting events there?
  4. I think you will need to do what is mentioned above. Call your CC company and ask for a new card and new number. I guess you could make something up like you think your number might be stolen. Then give that card to the buyer of the tickets. I assume that person would be able to swipe that card and gain entry.
  5. So could someone cancel the card they used to buy the tickets and send a buyer the card?
  6. I have 2 GA field tickets I would consider trading for good lower level seats. I bought them during the presale, so I have to be there with my CC to get in. If anyone wants to meet up maybe we can work it out. If no takers I am going to go and enjoy the field.
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