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  1. Agreed! He is wonderfully curious and dare I say geeky while speaking with all these folks. Extremely entertaining. Only disappointment is that they've gotten rid of some of the more recent episodes I hadn't yet heard. I was hoping to listen to the one with Paul McGuinness from July but it's gone from the on demand part of the app.
  2. Am curious if this means you check in once between Thursday (!) and Saturday and then show up at 4:30 pm the day of the show (Saturday).
  3. My subscriber gift arrived today, March 3rd, 2018. Was very happy to see that the "In God's Country" live version was from the show I went to in Miami!
  4. I received an email earlier today with information on the presales but interestingly it included an old code for the Joshua Tree tour (U2JT...) and said it had been used already (which makes sense because I used it for the JT30 tour). If memory serves the code used for the E&I U2.com presales for North America via Verified Fan used a code sent by text message not the U2EI version tied to me now. It is a bit confusing as to why my account should have a code but not say your code has been used if I already purchased tickets.
  5. Each type of sale in this cycle needed a separate verification? Experience/Innocence groups, Citi Presale, and general? Once I was verified for the Experience and Citi presales I thought that meant I was verified for the general on sale as well. I'm curious to know whether I missed a step or simply wasn't chosen for the general on sale.
  6. Your IP address (the one for your internet connection not the one for your computer) may be flagged by Ticketmaster. I get a similar error where I work (403 instead of 401) and we can't access Ticketmaster at all, no matter the device.
  7. U2 most likely will announce more dates in some of the cities already on the tour itinerary if past tours are any indicator. New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles especially should have more shows added. It is much harder to say that additional cities will be added (again, if past tours are an indicator) and I think the odds are not in our favor for that happening.
  8. Same here - everything went quite smoothly. Purchased 2 GA's for Nashville using on the "Best Available" option. Only wrinkle, if you want to call it that, is that even though I was purchasing on my phone, the link on U2.com sent me to the desktop version of the Ticketmaster site instead of the mobile one. That said, it is pretty crazy that some long time subscribers did not get a code this time out. Makes no sense.
  9. I purchased GA for Nashville and was given the option of electronic or paper (for an extra fee).
  10. @britbandfan1964 From the look of the map it looks like 113 may be OK re: obstructions, especially if you are seated towards the right side of the section. @mchoosier A friend of mine has seats in that section too so thanks for the heads up about the Chicago situation.
  11. Good move, LeslieC, switching over to your phone. Buying via mobile phone worked way better for the JT30 tour earlier this year. I tried on my PC at first but it was a mess. I did get the tickets I wanted when all was said and done but lesson learned.
  12. The bag needs to be clear and there are restrictions as far as size go. http://hardrockstadium.com/stadium-policies/
  13. @larryslemongirl Sorry for the delay in responding. There is a Facebook group called U2 Joshua Tree 2017 Miami where I saw that info.
  14. I'm getting there late but I saw on Facebook that a line has been forming. It is by the Gate 6 parking gate on the west side of the stadium. Check in is at 8 pm tonight and 8 am tomorrow. I will not be going there today or tomorrow morning. Please note that everyone in your group needs to go together even to get the number. Good luck!
  15. @Victor Noe It has been raining a lot the last few days and the bad weather is supposed to continue through next week including Sunday. I wouldn't recommend anyone stay out all night as some of the storms have been quite severe with lightning and hail. Better to show up the morning of the show. I'm hoping someone chimes in with more details about the GA line so that we are all clear.
  16. +1 this advice. Uber/Lyft will probably implement surge pricing after the show so pre-booking a ride may prove less expensive.
  17. Does anyone know where the GA line for Hard Rock Stadium will form? Ticketmaster email that went out today said that you could line up at the northwest gate but not before 3 p.m. I imagine there will be an unofficial line someplace but have not seen where.
  18. I would love to buy "The Joshua Tree – Photographs by The Edge" without having to buy the entire box set that goes along with it. Having purchased The Joshua Tree Super Deluxe Edition for the 20th Anniversary it seems a little excessive. Any chance that might be sold separately?
  19. I had a friend in college who was able to get me a copy of that Syracuse show along with the "Rock N Roll Stops the Traffic" show from San Francisco that was featured in Rattle and Hum. I remember that both videos were very well shot and I really enjoyed experiencing those shows that I did not get to attend in person. I was very sad when I loaned the videotape to a friend and never got it back. Will have to look them up on the YouTube! Staying on topic, I saw U2 during the original Joshua Tree Tour at the Orange Bowl in Miami, FL on December 3rd, 1987.
  20. I'm 47 years old and have been a fan since 1982 when I first heard Gloria. I've seen U2 13 times. 1985-05-03 - Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA - Hollywood Sportatorium (Unforgettable Fire Tour) 1987-12-03 - Miami, Florida, USA - Orange Bowl (Joshua Tree Tour) 1992-10-03 - Miami, Florida, USA - Joe Robbie Stadium (Zoo TV Outside Broadcast) 1997-06-07 - Randalls Island, New York, USA - Tibet Freedom Festival (6 songs) 1997-11-14 - Miami, Florida, USA - Pro Player Stadium (PopMart Tour) 2001-03-24 - Sunrise, Florida, USA - National Car Rental Center (Elevation Tour) 2001-10-25 - New York, New York, USA - Madison Square Garden (Elevation Tour) 2001-12-02 - Miami, Florida, USA - AmericanAirlines Arena (Elevation Tour) 2005-11-13 - Miami, Florida, USA - AmericanAirlines Arena (Vertigo Tour) 2009-10-03 - Raleigh, North Carolina, USA - Carter-Finley Stadium (360° Tour) 2011-06-29 - Miami, Florida, USA - Sun Life Stadium (360° Tour) 2015-07-18 - New York, New York, USA - Madison Square Garden (Innocence + Experience Tour) 2015-07-19 - New York, New York, USA - Madison Square Garden (Innocence + Experience Tour) And coming up soon, shows 14 and 15! 2017-06-11 - Miami, Florida, USA - Hard Rock Stadium (Joshua Tree 30 Tour) 2017-07-22 - Dublin, Ireland - Croke Park (Joshua Tree 30 Tour) The one I wish I hadn't missed was when they played under the Brooklyn Bridge in 2004. I was visiting New York at the time but only heard about them filming the "All Because of You" video and show after the fact. I would have loved to see them in such a unique place!
  21. LOW308, row HH. Will be my first time in Ireland. Very excited!
  22. I received this same email today. Hopefully they get it sorted out in plenty of time.
  23. I really do hope they send them sooner than a week out. I'll have already traveled 3 days before and would prefer to enjoy the Irish countryside than worry about where in the world my ticket might be!
  24. Agree as well. Worked for me where the desktop did not.
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