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  1. WHAT THE!?? My feckin pumpkin was much better!?!?! Puffy. Fix Ana you owe me 2 dinners now;-)
  2. Bono - Hank Edge - Walter Larry - Jesse Adam - Flynn (Walter Jr)
  3. Truly shocking, I mean it's not like bloggers ever plagarise... Thats true, Joe is a bolix for it!
  4. I am appalled that you would plagiarise my awesome non news blog 'Stop the presses', embellish it with some fancy facts and links to a radio show and not even quote me as the inspiration for your non news.......... yoke. Shocking. :/
  5. I dont know, he believes the other bollox!!! are you trying to start some propaganda?! Me? Never!
  6. Ha ha ha - so so true - or so people would like to think! Although I have been a single number in a queue in the past! Never done the other stuff though so clearly a bad fan as Davcal reminds me being a blow in and all that And dont you forget it. Bad fan So, nothing like what Elaine said!?!
  7. Lenny, I am getting the same message as you when I click on the screen shot things. When I try to create an album I get this message 'You are not allowed create any more albums' Max. If you are using Windows XP Open Paint, click the PRINT SCREEN key in your keyboard, go to Paint and paste it (CTRL+V). Then You can save what you have captured... I dont know what this means? I understand the words, just not the way they are arranged!?! Do I have to open a photo in 'Paint' and then copy and paste it in here? Or maybe I'm just a cabbage. Joe, You stop lookin at my nipples ya du
  8. Anyone help here. I have tried to post photos in the gallery and keep getting a message saying "you are not allowed" Suggestions are welcome. Scottish wham fans are not.
  9. She is so gorgeous I want to cry. Honest, I do.There's no work getting done the rest of this day. W O W ! ! You stop lookin at her! She's mine. You get back to George
  10. How very dare you!! IF there was a woman present she'd definitely be into me............ big time Ha ha ha Anj!!!!! And we are taking cold showers after looking at that pic of you - the only way to cope! Just allow your womanly instincts do their thing. My photo wont mind
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