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  1. Hi Max, need your help. Little bit freaking out after my calls with Ticketmaster. They confirm I have RedZone for San Jose but cannot tell me where I need to be for entering the venue and/or collecting the wristband... I only have the ticket on my mobile Ticketmaster account... Big thanks !!!

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    2. u2fanclubbelgium


      thanks. Indeed, didn't get the email not even in spam folder. will check with guest services at venue now. Big thanks !


    3. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      asking a friend who is there...

      but definitely go to the guest services there.... or even ask the people in the line - fans are always helpful!

    4. u2fanclubbelgium


      what a nightmare. Just finished 11th call to Ticketmaster. & guest services. it's an official resale ticket via Ticketmaster so they cannot send me that information. I'm allowed to enter GA and that's it.  So 500$ for GA !!! I'm going crazy here! 

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