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  1. 1 hour ago, Royshh said:

    How did the credit card entry thing go ?

    Did anyone have issues ,were there ID checks ?

    I've been trying to contact Ticketmaster to update my details for Dublin but they arent answering the phone for the last week ,disgraceful service.

    Credit card ticketing was great. I had five tickets on one card for last nights concert, all on my old credit card (had expired) that I keep just for the concert. No hassle. GA had so much room (no crush) to dance or move. Ticketmaster could not have been more helpful. 

  2. Hi All, hope you're having fun with Ticketmaster this morning. Has anyone else had this issue, booked standing space at Croke Park Pitch 2 to find when the tickets were emailed to me that there are row and seat numbers for another part of the ground have checked with Ticketmaster and a recorded message seems to suggest that all standing tickets will have seat numbers. But this seems to be no suggestion anywhere on the ticket that it is a standing ticket. Dream come true to get tickets to see U2 in Dublin might be slightly soured if I've got to sit my fat arse down.

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