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  1. 2 tickets lower level on Edge's side for face value
  2. Hey, my friend is arriving on Saturday from Canada and has 2 lower bowl tickets, close to the stage which he is selling for ticket price, 225 euros each, if you are interested, let me know and we can arrange for you to meet him at Croke! They are hard copy tickets
  3. Tix still available, we arrive in Dublin on Thursday and we have 2 people in our party still looking!
  4. ELEVATION is playing at the Hideout on Thursday evening and then after the concert on Friday night. Checkout The Hideout website or Elevation's website as their is a bus service after the U2 concert for $10 to the Hideout, cover charge and a pint of beer, all for $10 and in my mind, the best U2 tribute act around in Elevation!! https://thehideouttoronto.com/
  5. I have an extra GA, hard copy ticket for Sunday and would swap for a Saturday night ticket.
  6. Hi Need one Chicago GA for Saturday and trade a GA for Sunday. We are in Chicago for my friend's 50th birthday and require one extra for the Saturday!! Caught the first 2 stops on the tour in Vancouver and Seattle, everyone is in for an amazing experience!! John
  7. Worcester Centrum, May 1987, show # 3, Lone Justice opening act, magical show!!
  8. Will be there with 8 mates from Calgary celebrating our friend Kevin's 50th birthday, doing both shows so hoping to hit some pre and post concert events! Big road trip for us as we are doing Vancouver, Seattle, Chicago, Toronto and finishing in Dublin, will be epic!! Johnny
  9. Hey U2 Fans For those of you familiar with U2 Tribute band Elevation and the great "Hideaout' bar, there will most likely be some events lined up around the June 23rd show in Toronto. Hideaout will be announcing new location soon and I am sure the boys will organize Elevation to play a couple of nights around the show!! Should be fun! Johnny
  10. Hey U2 'ers Travelling with my best bud from Canada, we are hoping to get tickets, would love GAs for the 27th and 28th show, but hey, would love to be in the building. We arrive in the moring of the 27th and can meet anywhere and would be happy to buy many Guinness beers for anyone that can help us!! Thanks everyone! John
  11. Not sure about before the shows but Shawn Brady, who is the lead singer of Elevation, terrific U2 tribute band, is playing accoustic shows at Hurley's Irish Pub after each show. Sure to be playing lots of U2 favorites!
  12. A massive thanks to Willie, U2 and all their people who brilliantly put this stage, floor and sound concept together. Without a doubt, these first 2 shows in Vancouver were incredible! I aways look forward to hearing how "big" or stripped down the new songs will sound. Wolves, Song for Someone were absolute treats but the simplicty and power of Every Breaking Wave was very special. Back to the stage experience. I love the GA and the floor experience at most concerts and have done GA for U2 on the last 4 tours. I felt that this stage allowed the band to connect with the entire floor and are
  13. Rolo Thanks for starting this post, Always good to wish for songs on the next tour. I caught shows in Dublin, Vegas, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal and Moncton on this last tour. Loved everyone, especially linking in with U2 fans in each city, always a special part of any U2 concert. I would love to see more variation in their set lists especially if you are catching a few shows close together, a selfish request perhaps, but we can dream can't we. I believe the Edge has said he would like to see more surprises on the next tour, would be great to hear some rarities and B sides make it
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