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  1. I do think the band has a say. I’ve seen both U2 and Springsteen at United Center and the GA experiences were completely different. There will absolutely be a fan-run line for both nights in Chicago. You won’t have to camp out all night. Go find the start of the line on Night 1, put in your name and get a number. They will tell you what time to check in the next morning. Then go home or back to hotel. Has worked well for the several times that I’ve done it. This has been the process for years - we won’t change that in this thread. (I do agree Springsteen’s process is way better.)
  2. Any advice/suggestions for how the GA process works in Dublin? Totally know how it works in the US... gotta believe it’s different over there. Thx in advance.
  3. From what I understand, VIP section were seats in a 100-level section.
  4. I wish... That was a different group, unrelated to the Red Zone drawing.
  5. I had RZ for Chicago 1. Arrived at 2:30 and was able to get the exact spot we had wanted. The queue that formed before the 4pm check in was fan-managed, just like the GA line. Soldier Field security honored the line numbers the whole time.
  6. My friend was notified Friday that she and I won it for Chicago's Saturday show. Absolutely amazing. Took us in the sound/lighting booth and the guys there talked to us for a while. Spent a bunch of time backstage, behind the screen, and learned so much about the whole set up. The production designer talked to us for a while and told us when the "magic moment" of the show would be. We ended with pics on the B stage.
  7. At Chicago 2 I was in line at 530am day of and I was #111. Got the exact spot on the tree that I had been planning for.
  8. Don't go too far toward the bottom. Best bet is between top of tree and Edge's keyboard. This coming from someone who was in RZ for Chicago 1 and was at bottom of tree. Disappointing.
  9. Chicago 1987!! Dig out my t-shirt from the show to wear on Saturday!
  10. How early can you get to Soldier Field? I have 2 GA available, but we are staking our claim in line Saturday night, after the Sat show. All people in the group must be at each check-in for the line.
  11. I was at the show 30 years ago, too!! Am going to both shows next weekend and wish you good luck.
  12. I live here. Nothing to be afraid of. And I'm a mom with two kids, so I understand your perspective.
  13. Let me know if you have one to sell!
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