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  1. I have bought tickets for the Red Zone in Manchester on the 19th October,they were bought through Eventim,i am not having any success with the about getting any information about ticket pick up,what time to be at venue or nothing from Eventim-does anybody have any information that would help????
  2. tickets booked for RED ZONE in Manchester at 10:02am,eventim.co.uk far better booking process than Ticketmaster,easy and efficient(and ive just tried my booking code for London out of interest,and it lets me book tickets also if I wanted!!!!!) must be because its a different ticket company_cant afford that though,unfortunatley
  3. iv seen a post on the forum with a reply from u2.com saying fans wanting to attend European shows don't have to do anything until these are announced
  4. I know it says European dates will be announced in the future but I'm a bit confused,do I still have to become a verified fan or is that just for the US presale,i don't want to become a verified fan if that locks me into applying for US tickets,i want to apply for tickets for european shows when the time comes
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