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  1. I think it's: 1) All that you can't leave behind (it was my first U2 album!) 2) No line on the horizon (I really like it!) 3) How to dismantle an atomic bomb 4) The Joshua Tree 5) Achtung baby
  2. Well, I'm 20 years old from Barcelona, and I can speak Catalan and Spanish perfectly, and then English and a little bit of French... (but french not verymuch!).
  3. I prefer Breathe for the next single, but... I like I'll go crazy too (please, make Breathe your 4rth single!!! )
  4. Hey! Really it's the time... we must action against extrem poverty (specially in Africa, but in Sout America and Asia too...!!!). In the G8 Summit in Aquila (Italy), politicians promised to give 20.000 milion of dólars (14.340€) to fight extrem poverty. But... we must to show them thepromises must be keep!!! Let's make the promises real! Let's press the politicians to do it! Now a days, the real job of the goverments in the 1rst world (in the occident, "the rich ones") it's to win the elections, not to action fortheir people... WE MUST DO THE POLITICIANS HEAR US!!! That's all..
  5. He'll have a great future if he want to be a guitarrist!!!
  6. Wohw thanks! I've bought my first electric guitar last week! This is perfect for me! (but bflorendo is in true! There's only 1 Edge in the world!!! jejeje)
  7. For me, music makes you laugh and cry. When you listen to music, your soul feels the emotions... that's all... very easy... So music makes the emotions get it out and show how do you really feel in this moment (If you're listening a sad song it means you're sad, ifyou're listening a very energitive song it means you're so happy,etc.). It's just a question of listen to music and hear the lyrics, the melody,...just FEEL it! I think music it's a very important thing in life... it maybe can't change the world, but it changes people into the 4 walls of a room (a littleworld. You
  8. I've 20 years now. Too young to discovered U2 in the '80!!! jejeje When I was younger, my aunt gave a present to my sister for her birthday. It was the "All that you can't leave behind" album from U2. It was thenwhen I discovered U2 exists!
  9. 'Cause I cannot live without music!!!
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