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  1. como você fez para comprar na pre venda hoje ??? estou tento problemas, da código invalido

    1. sandersongiorioliveira


      minha  senha para pré venda nao  funciona, informa que esta errada

    2. cristinamansour


      o que você acha que vai acontecer ? você então não comprou ?

    3. sandersongiorioliveira


      nao  consegui, to tentando achar  aqui aonde abro uma  reclamacao,  vc ja  conseguiu reclamar?

  2. I'm having problem with the pre-sale in Brazil. I used my Red code once for 1 ticket and now appears as used. FAQ says in Brazil it's allowed to use in more than one transaction.
  3. Not Bigwave here but can answer this: not known yet... Have in mind that this is one issue that doesn't depend on us nor we have any input about it (us = moderation team)... as a result, we can't give specific timeframes, not even approximations... Please have patience... when the time comes, it will be published in u2.com and here... Ok, thanks Max
  4. bigwave, any news about the new gift? My subscription expire in 12 days. Thank you.
  5. Yeah, it's getting closer! I'm going to 3 & 4.
  6. Hi, guys! I'm from U2 Brazil fansite (www.u2br.com) and I'm going to London to visit the city and see two U2's shows. I intend to do a live coverage of the shows at O2. What I want to know is if the wifi is public and if the arena turn down it during the shows. Thank you.
  7. A source told us (www.u2br.com) some news: - 10 shows at 3 Arena, end of tour, with funds going to Music Generation - Kodaline as opening act at some point at the tour We don't if it's true, that's what they've heard.
  8. I'm going it alone on nights 3 and 4.
  9. U2 has taken off the info on tour's page that further dates would be confirmed.
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