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  1. Best live "Bullet" I'd have to say was the PopMart performance. Until the band played it at the Salesforce gig and called out Donald Trump. That is the heaviest I've ever heard it.
  2. How are people still getting this idea that the band will work on and release Songs of Ascent? Especially since it became Songs of Experience and the band have stated they feel a long way from that No Line on the Horizon-era of material?
  3. If the mp3 downloads show up in our accounts, does that mean we will receive the vinyl discs in the mail?
  4. The Disneyland Resort just offered me a position this morning, that's great!
  5. No, the shows were sold out... the problem was the traffic & parking situation at The Forum during both nights. It was messy outside! And for the record, the setlist was amazing!
  6. Both LA shows were sold out. What are you talking about?
  7. The band aren't "anti-police", they are "anti-Trump regime", there's a difference. Trump was "elected" because he cheated. Plain and simple. If you don't see that, then I pity you. And clearly you don't see why the show ends with "13 (There is a Light)". Just like when the 2015 tour started with "The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)", this is a production built on STORY ELEMENTS, not just any rock concert. and the song "13" ends that story wonderfully!
  8. He's been around the world, seen so many things. Clearly not naive after all that for 40+ years. Naive are those who live in their bubble saying things like "pandering to woman is feeble", and that's putting it nicely.
  9. I was there that night, and there was no "we know better than you" said. But yes, they do know better than a whole lot of people. Primarily those on the right. I loved the performance of "American Soul" -- loud, flashy, and lyrics full of substance and heart. And the fact that the band sticks it to Trump supporters and Republicans every night with this song -- I LOVE THAT! Those people are sickening and I love that they're getting so much resistance from the majority of the country, if not the world.
  10. I believe the cowgirl swinging the lasso is Morleigh (Mrs. The Edge 2 U)
  11. I was there that night! R.I.P. Dennis Sheehan!
  12. My paid subscription ends on the 31st of January and still nothing.... I don't want the same gift I got last year and I have no interest in vinyl...
  13. I am a new paid subscriber, and awaiting the North Side Story book in the mail. Anybody know how to find out when it will be coming? I never recieved an email about it...
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