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    Right now, its "Invisible"
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    PopMart 5/6/1997 in Eugene, Oregon
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  1. "American Soul" being played in Washington DC... interesting thought.
  2. I figure the i+e and e+i shows would likely get the package, if there is a package to be made. TJT Tour 2017 would likely be a standalone release.
  3. Lasts 1:05:03 - Some interesting discussion in here.
  4. Best live "Bullet" I'd have to say was the PopMart performance. Until the band played it at the Salesforce gig and called out Donald Trump. That is the heaviest I've ever heard it.
  5. Nostalgia..... Fuck the past, kiss the future.
  6. How are people still getting this idea that the band will work on and release Songs of Ascent? Especially since it became Songs of Experience and the band have stated they feel a long way from that No Line on the Horizon-era of material?
  7. Anton Corbijn filmed some shows during the South American leg for release. I suspect the reason the band haven't released it yet is because they wouldn't want sales of that product to distract from what they are doing currently. May want to wait a bit after the innocence + experience era comes to a close. I wouldn't put it past them to release a show from the current tour. I thought during 2016 that shooting & releasing the Paris show was jumping the gun too early... that is until this current tour was announced, then I understood it to be a seperate tour in the i+e era. so that the shows would be different in different ways.
  8. So most fans will know that U2 normally tends to film a show on their current tour for home video release rather late into a tour, and during a time when they're playing a city with multiple nights; 1st night is a dress rehearsal, 2nd night is the show that gets released. Some occasions they've authorized a home video cut made up of both nights. Being that the entire 2nd (and final) leg of the eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE TOUR 2018 is made up of cities with 2-4 days, makes it hard to pinpoint where the band will shoot. But it will be fun to predict. So I'm predicting Dublin. Let's see your predictions for #U2eiTour
  9. If the mp3 downloads show up in our accounts, does that mean we will receive the vinyl discs in the mail?
  10. The Disneyland Resort just offered me a position this morning, that's great!
  11. No, the shows were sold out... the problem was the traffic & parking situation at The Forum during both nights. It was messy outside! And for the record, the setlist was amazing!
  12. Both LA shows were sold out. What are you talking about?
  13. The band aren't "anti-police", they are "anti-Trump regime", there's a difference. Trump was "elected" because he cheated. Plain and simple. If you don't see that, then I pity you. And clearly you don't see why the show ends with "13 (There is a Light)". Just like when the 2015 tour started with "The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)", this is a production built on STORY ELEMENTS, not just any rock concert. and the song "13" ends that story wonderfully!
  14. He's been around the world, seen so many things. Clearly not naive after all that for 40+ years. Naive are those who live in their bubble saying things like "pandering to woman is feeble", and that's putting it nicely.
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